Saturday, December 30, 2006

My friend Erin has a blog...

Welcome Erin Hann to the blogging community everyone!!!! (click her name to get to the page...)

make sure to comment...

High lights from Christmas...

Blogger is letting me post pictures... so here is kind of a catch up blog... enjoy my Christmas memories!!

Nicole put the star on our tree this year!!!

Christmas morning around the tree

Mom also turned 50 years old, with a Birthday party to rival all others....

We sat around the back yard, ate soup, and told funny touching memories and stories about my mom. It was her time to be honored and loved on.

My parents.

Friday, December 29, 2006

So excited!!! I am going to see Obadiah Parker open for the Violent Femmes tonight at the Tempe Marquee theater in Tempe... well at least I hope I get tickets!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy 3 days after christmas!!!! I have been lost in the wonderment of my new toys and movies... which include a new digital camera!! a iPod adapter radio (looks vitage, which makes it awesome), a cool colored end table (black and celery green), and some movies and books... I got Anne of Green Gables, the complete series on DVD!!! Christmas was awesome!

I woke up Christmas Eve with no voice what-so-ever, so with great fear of not being able to sing my Christmas Eve solo, I didn't speak for most of the morning. I got home from church and scrambled to get some last minute presents from Barnes and Noble and Ikea... car broke down at Ikea, but I expertly jostled the cables to the battery in my engine and got it started again (I am a mechanic genius)... then went back home to wrap presents. Then before I could settle into a comfy couch to rest, i had to head out to the Christmas Eve service... luckily the voice was in proper working order, and I sang my solo quite well.

This year was the first year my family headed straight home after the Christmas Eve service... Shawn and Nicole came over and the family played some apples to apples before turning in for the night... and all four of us kids snuggled into my bedroom to sleep the night... which is Christmas tradition since my brothers and I were out of the crib... Nicole had her first year of sleeping all together! The sleep was not to be had by me, and I discovered that without a big bed to spread out in, my back will decide to slowly kill me. I moved to my brother's room at 2am and slept the rest of the night pretty well.

Christmas Morning!!!!! We awoke at 7:30 to open all of our presents. I have to say, I was more excited about everyone else opening the gifts I got them, than me opening my own gifts... It was a pleasure seeing what everyone else got and to be with my whole family on Christmas morning for the first time in 2 years... It was neat getting to have Nicole take part in our Christmas morning time since she and Shawn got married.

Then after the wrapping paper had fully covered the living room floor Shawn and Nicole left to spend the rest of the day with her family. the rest of us - Mom, dad, Tyler and i made and ate breakfast and talked and laughed and enjoyed the morning. I then went to check my email and on a whim decided to check my bank account... after all the spending on presents I was curious of the damage....
There was more damage than I expected... to my horror and surprise I discovered someone had made a purchase of $99.95 on my debit card that very morning... hm... it wasn't me. I called to cancel my card and they informed me that I also had a strange purchase made the day before for almost $40... and upon further review I saw that I had another random fraudulent purchase made the week before... someone had my 16 digit card number and security code and was buying things online with my card!!!! UGH!!!!! So I cancelled the card! It really annoyed me... not scary, but incredibly upsetting and annoying!!!

But I would not let it ruin my Christmas!!! So I forgot about it and my family watched Superman Returns and I finished the scrapbook of my aunt patty I have been working on for my grandma... as soon as I finished the album, the four of us headed to my grandparents house to hang out the rest of the day! They loved the album, my grandma cried!

It was a wonderful day!!! Pictures to come later... once blogger allows me to post some!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I have a head cold... and I have to sing on Christmas eve... a solo no less. My back hurts because I have been scrapping straight since 11am... I must finish this album by tomorrow because I don't want to have to scrap on Christmas Day if I don't have to.

Aside from that I am in good spirits... I am hoping the rain from yesterday returns on Christmas Day... if I can't have snow, then I want over-cast skies and rain.

I had full day yesterday of friend catch-up day! In the morning I went with my little friend Savannah to see Charlotte's Web... precious movie. I totally cried at the end (I won't tell you the end although I think you all know already... I made the mistake this morning of telling my mom thinking she knew the story of Charlotte's web, but she didn't and she was sad I told her). The yesterday afternoon was sitting and talking with Aaron and Ashley Mertz - a brother/sister duo to be rivaled... I love spending time with them, because we laugh over almost anything and so my jokes never fail regardless of their stupidity. I love them both to pieces. Then last night I spent time with my friend Joel... it was fun, we looked at Christmas lights (first time I have been able to do that this year). Then we went to the 9pm showing of The Good Shepherd... BAD IDEA!!! The movie is hella-long and BORING!!!!!!!I was so disappointed, I actually considered walking out over sheer boredom.
I have realized I cannot walk out of movies, because I hope they will redeem themselves in the end... this one never did. I couldn't follow the plot, the directing was amature (no continuity, silly superimposed shots, and absolutely no climax of any kind in the montone plotline)... can you tell how much I didn't like this film. so I suggest you not waste your money in seeing it. I was disappointed in Robert DeNiro for bringing us this story... it made me sad, and angry at our country on some level.

Tonight it Rice Night though... a tradition of friend bringing food from their prospective homelands to share with each other. My mom makes her yummy Swedish Meatballs which are currently smelling up the house as I type. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow... I was looking forward to a possible Christmas without allergies... alas no such luck.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Okay so I am reading the official sequel to Peter Pan as determined by The Great Ormond Street Hospital in London (they own the rights to JM Barrie's Peter Pan). It was just released in October I believe... I am three chapters in and I absolutely LOVE it. Peter Pan is one of my favorite books because it has such wit and innocence to the writing. This book has the same voice in the pages. The author is Geraldine McCaughrean and the book is called Peter Pan in Scarlet. I recommend Peter Pan first and formost as a definite read, and as far as I can see in this book I will be recommending... just give me time to finish it.

A movie is also going to be made of the book... I am excited!!! I just love Peter Pan!!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

I have gotten absolutely no email today... nor has anyone called me... I haven't even received junk mail... odd.

I scrapped yesterday and made a huge dent in my album about Aunt Patty... I should definitely have it done by Christmas... Awesome!!!

I had quite the day at work... I was completely bored all morning and then after lunch I decided to be a good co-worker and ask if anyone needed help with their jobs... I filed, organized, staples, hole-punched, boxed books, moved heavy boxes filled with books... and then moved them all back. My arms and back hurt so bad... you'd think working at a massage school would get me some massage love, but no one has the time with graduation coming up.

Well in thanks of my diligent work all day today, my boss told me I could 1.) wear jeans tomorrow (YES!!!) and 2.) I only had to come in for a couple hours if I cleaned the instructors' office... that's it. AWESOME!!! I feel like I have been productive!

(I just killed a bug on my keyboard... eeewwww)

Oh... and check out my mom's blog about her birthday party!!! Awesome fun!

Friday, December 15, 2006

I have given up on the titles...

Tyler had the last of his christmas concerts tonight... you'd think that a high school wouldn't need three christmas concerts, but apparently they do. I put the bug in Shryock's (choir director) ear that I was more than available to chaperone the choir tour to New York this year... I am so serious! I really want to go!!

Tyler did a great job singing!!! (pictures to come...)

Then after the show Nicole, my mom, and I made a trip to Ross for some shopping. I found super cute leopard print shoes and some red shoes... both pointy with tiny heels. SO CUTE!!!

Now I am home... tomorrow is the first time in two weeks where I can sleep in a little bit! I will probably get up around 9:00 to put in a last bid on a thing on ebay I am looking at... the auction ends at 9:30... this is my last ditch effort on a gift I want for someone!!! (I can't say who it is, they may be reading... sshhhhh).

I have two movies I have yet to watch from Netflix... hopefully I can get one of those out of the way tonight... if I am still awake enough.

We had our staff christmas party today... super fun! Then a bunch of the students brought their kids to the school to make gingerbread houses (out of graham crackers)... THEY WERE SO CUTE!!! (pictures will come later) I cant wait to have kids... especially around Christmas time.

I also am pretty much finished with my mom's Christmas present... don't worry mom... I'm not going to say what it is... only that it is done. whew.

Now all that is left is Nicole, and the rest of Shawn's gift... I am cutting it close aren't I?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A beautiful family

Precious Jolie-Pitts...

And the Golden Globe Nominees were announced today.. click here to see.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

To my mom... the most wonderful, fun, delightful, passionate woman I know!!!
My mom turns 50 years old today! (december 13)... I could write my mom a letter or a card, but honestly knowing my mom's love of blog reading, I think this will excite her more.

Mom, I love you so much. You are so special and unique and perfectly designed to be my mother. I couldn't have asked for someone who would have raised me better than you have. I am blessed to hear your wisdom and delight in your humor. I love how you get so excited about everything, you throw yourself into every activity and you love people so much. I admire how everyone feels so comfortable and accepted by you. Everyone is so fortunate to have you apart of their lives... me most of all.
I love your heart and your smile and your friendship. As I grow older I learn to appreciate you more and more. What an extraordinary woman to be able to look to and follow. I have learned to love life because of you, I have learned to laugh at myself because of you, I have learned what it means to be a Godly woman. I am so thankful God made me your daughter. I love you so much and I wish you a very happy birthday!!!

loving Photoshop

This is my new favorite thing to do right now (edit photos)... see my handy work: Before

Monday, December 11, 2006

... sigh or relief....

I am done with classes for the rest of the year. I taught my last class this evening, and it was great. I gave my last final this afternoon and it went great! Now the rest of the week is grading and helping other instructors end their classes! Yippy!!!

I do have some retake finals to get out of the way... but for the most part I am home free until January 2nd.

I am working on a photo album of my Aunt Patty. Patty was my dad's little sister and she died when she was 18... She was such an amazing woman... I am having so much fun look through all of her stuff. She loved writing her favorite quotes down so I have tons of napkins and scraps of paper that have beautiful poems and famous quotes all over them. I also have a substantial stack of pictures of just Patty and my dad - they were so close. This picture is my favorite... I still should photo shop it a little bit... but isn't my bad precious. And the look on Patty's face is priceless!!! So cute!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

its almost 2am...

I went to go see the play Doubt at Gammage Auditorium this afternoon... I didn't like it. So in order to remedy a depressing play experience, my friend Teresa and I went to go see The Holiday... I LOVED IT! It gave me the same feeling that Love Actually did. I just thought they didn't make a bad decision with the entire movie. The characters were great. I cried and burst out laughing... It was awesome.

Then I went over to Amy and Andrew's house and hung out with them and Kevin. My friend Kevin is in town!! Super fun. I was tired from my long day, but I had lots of much fun, I even fell asleep briefly while Andrew and Kevin played a game Linerider... ugh.

But I am excited to have Kevin here to visit... his wife Erin arrives tomorrow... can't wait to see you Erin!!!

I am exhausted! I'm going to sleep!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Eve is coming soon...

Just watched one of the most precious movies I have ever seen... It was so cute. Amelie is the U.S. title, but it is actually a French film. It's about a young woman in Paris who decides to do good deeds for other people, and along the way she finds love. It is marvelously innocent and cute love story.

I also got some scrapbook organizing done this evening... I am waiting on some more pictures for this particular album, but hopefully I will get those tomorrow and then I can start putting the whole thing together!

I also have been playing around with adobe photoshop, thanks to my dear friend Kelsie. I am liking the control over picture quality... I am going to have fun tweaking my pictures before printing them out and scraping. Yay.

I got some Christmas shopping done this afternoon... I also got my mom some presents for her birthday next week... I am so on top of things this year.

I was saying to someone the other day that this is the first year in a long time where I can relax in the holiday season. I think it started in High school when finals started... every since then I have missed the cheer of the season, because I wouldn't allow myself to celebrate until all my finals were completed and taken. Then when all that was finished I was left with a mere two days to bask in the wonderment of the christmas tree, Bing Crosby sung carols, and festivities of yule tide cheer. But this year is different. I have a job that doesn't stress me out too bad, I got a jump start on gift shopping, and I am looking forward to decorating the Christmas tree, going to holiday parties, and taking in with every breath the magic of the winter time.

Most of all I am excited to be able to really reflect on what Christmas means... I know so many people say it... "the true meaning of Christmas". But come on! I mean the creator of the world, our very own Savior and the God of the universe, came down to earth- was born and He took His first breath. He looked out on the world that He created and held in the palm of His hand... now a little baby... how odd it must have been for Him to be so small now. I sometimes catch myself thinking it is a fairytale... that it was too good to be true. But how wonderful that it isn't. This little baby is my sweet Savior.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Dad's Christmas Concert!!!

Happy December to one and all!!

I just wanted to tell everyone that my dad is having his annual Christmas Concert at Open Door Fellowship Church tomorrow night December 2nd! It starts at 7pm!! My dad is one of the most talented people around, and if you are looking for something to jumpstart your holiday season... this is it. It is mostly original music, with some holiday favorites thrown in for good measure, but it is just a really fun, warm, evening.

you can read more on his blog about the history of the concert... just click here.

You can also visit his website to here some of his music... just click here.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My new hair!!

I love it... isn't it cute?? I love it because it is the type of hair style where the more messy it is, the better it looks... I like it.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Need a new hair cut!

I have decided that for the holiday season I need a new hair cut... I want to make an appointment for wednesday morning... here is the style I want. What do you think?

then i think i'm gonna dye it dark brown... can you see it?

Thanksgiving in Oklahoma!

My family has just arrived home from the great state of Oklahoma, where we spent the thanksgiving holiday. It was such a blast. My Aunt Kathy (mom's oldest sister) lives there with her two children and their families. Aaron and his wife Brandi have two cuter than cute little boys Alex(6) and Parker(4). Kristen and her husband Joe have gorgeous little darling girls Kennady(4) and Mya(8mo). They are so much fun and we had such a nice weekend... let me break it down.

Wednesday began at 4:30am when Dad, Mom, and Tyler and I started loading up the van. We accomplished a 16 hour drive, in just one day. My picked up Shawn and Nicole at 5:45 and headed out of the city. There were 6 of us in one car!! It was a tight fit, but we are pros. The 16 hours was spent listening to music, watching some of the second season of the office on the van's DVD player, sleeping, and stopping for the occasional quick meal. We also completed one of our thanksgiving traditions by watching Plane, Trains, and Automobiles... it is a wonderful holiday movie... highly recommended.

We arrived in Newcastle, OK a little after 11pm. My parents and Tyler spent the first night at Kathy's while Shawn, Nicole, and I went to Joe and Kristen's for the night.

THANKSGIVING DAY/BIRTHDAY!! This year my birthday landed on thanksgiving (it does that every 5 years or so). It was a very odd day because I kept forgetting that it was my birthday... even typing this blog I had almost forgotten my birthday had passed. My birthday is usually accompanied by some sort of party or small get-together, but this was the first year that I didn't have that. Every time someone wished me a happy birthday I would be so surprised! It was a nice surprised though. I am 22 years old now... Yay me! We all headed over to Aunt Kathy's house for the meal. The meal was delicious.

After the food I opened presents. I got some great stuff!! Kennady was more than happy to help hand me gifts... a couple of times before I had put one present dow she was "helping me start" on another one. Kennady seemed pretty unimpressed by the gifts I got, until I unwrapped The Little Mermaid DVD... she was pretty jazzed about that! It was so funny.

We took a nice walk through the forrest by Kathy's house, and after the woods my dad played "dragon" and "the finger game" with the three kids. My dad played these games with us when we were little and even played them with Aaron, Noel and Kristen in Oklahoma. The kids had so much fun.

Our tradition is as soon as the Thanksgiving meal is complete, Christmas music is put on to usher in the season... Frank Sinatra always starts it off with his rendition of Jimgle Bells... priceless.

The party didn't end at Kathy's though. Shawn, Nicole, Tyler, Joe, and Kristen sat out on Joe and Kristin's back porch and had quite a time. It was hilarious reminiscing about the farm in Wisconsin, Kristen's visit to AZ over 10 years ago, and how they should move out live near us.

Friday I participated in a pass-time that I have never participated in before - Black Friday Shopping. Now when I worked at the gap I worked on Black Friday, but this year I actually did some shopping. Kristen, Nicole and I drove over to Kohl's to meet up with the boys who had gotten started on the shopping much earlier than we did. They stood in line for almost 2 hours while us girls shopped and tried on clothes... the place was so packed that the 3 of us shared a fitting room (which tripled the amount of clothes i got to try on). After the purchases were made, we all headed over to the movie theater to see Casino Royale... yes is was my second time seeing it, I love it that much!

Then we all headed to Chikasha, OK to look at their Christmas Lights display... It was way cool to see all the displays and colors and how it reflected off the pond in the middle. I held got to hold Mya for most of the night. She even fell asleep in my arms. I don't know if you know this, but Mya is the cutest little baby ever! She has the most precious smile and is just so happy! We passed her around the whole weekend and just loved her to pieces. It wouldn't be Christmas without my family singing Christmas Carols as we walked around (with harmoney and everything), so of course we sang and sang and sang. Alex, Parker, and Kennady ran around the place from one lights display to the other... They were a blast.

Then Saturday morning we left and headed back home... this time we broke the trip up into two days... thank goodness.

It was a great trip!! I hope it becomes some what of a tradition from now on!!

Monday, November 20, 2006


the new teaser trailer is online, ready for all to enjoy. I hope you like it!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bond, James Bond

OMG... what a great flick!!! I was so impressed and I am in love with this new Bond... everything Bond should be... I left the theater so excited and giddy from an awesome action-packed thrill ride (I should write for movie trailers). I can't wait for Daniel Craig's next escapade as 007.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

My new crush...

I just picked up the People magazine issue about the "sexiest man alive" and I could have cared less about who was on the cover when I read the article on John Krasinski... he's so cute!! He is just so down to earth and sweet.

Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm bored...

I am sitting in a lecture for Neuromuscular therapy at Phoenix College right now... and I am loosing concentration quite quickly. My friend Tom from work and I decided that this was how we were going to spend our afternoon this fine friday... regretfully.

But while sitting here, Tom has reminded me of my other weird proclivities as stated in the previous blog... 3 in particular:

7. I absolutely hate the word Belly

8. I cannot stand the taste of cilantro... I can taste it in anything and it is the most disgusting taste I have ever encountered

9. Large structures under water scare me... like the fact that entire sunken ships and submarines and icebergs, and the blue whale can live and fit under the surface of the ocean FREAKS ME OUT TO NO END!!!

and did you know that White adipose tissue is the largest organ in our endocrine system... mmm... interesting huh.

Monday, November 13, 2006

My six weird habits...

A friend recently posted her list on her myspace... and it has inspired me.

1. I make my bed every night before I climb in

2. I have to take showers at night because it feels weird to fall asleep with dry hair to me.

3. I like to get to the movie theater before the previews start, or it's not worth it

4. I have consistant hand gestures I always make when I teach... you'd have to see them... ask my students

5. I ALWAYS have to have a salty sweet combo when it comes to snack food... start with sweet (chocolat most often) and then salty (sunflower seeds always) and then I switch off throughout the snacking time.

6. I have read every Harry Potter book at least twice... some three or four times.

There you have it... any other weird habits I have, please let me know... it is really fun to think of your eccentricities, I encourage you all do this... very funny.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

the little ones...

I decided to spend the day with the Bowen family (the family I use to nanny for), I hadn't seen them in a while and missed them tremendously. So I planned to spend a couple hours with them... and that turned into the entire day... I even stayed after the kids had gone to bed and watched a movie with Teresa - pirates of the caribbean. I love those kids so so much. Addy kept asking every 5 minutes if I had to go home? and when I accompanied them to the park, she would turn around on her tricycle and ask, "you come with me?" like she was so surprised I was still there. Simon wanted to play every game under the sun with me, and didn't want me to every leave... he is so sweet. I promised simon that him and I would have to take a trip to the zoo soon, since it is good zoo weather... and he wants to see all the animals that we named last time we were there... I think I am more excited than him to go to the zoo... I love the zoo! It was an extraordinarily fun day.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

horrible day

It actually was shaping up to be a pretty good day... until people say nasty things, and hurtful things, and make you feel like the lowest of the low in the entire earth... so I have been feeling like crap for the last hour. But you know what... that is not who I am!! I am not the things that people say I am, I am not. So I refuse to let the people who have no idea who I am determine how I feel about myself, or generate any self-doubt. So you know what!!!!! People suck... not any of you though... I like you. I'm going to bed.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hobby Lobby...

This past weekend, my scrap girls and I went on a Scrap tour in which we toured around Phoenix and went to lots of different places to get scrap supplies, inspiration, and to just have fun together. It was lots of fun, but what always happens with me is I don't buy a lot because I am always thinking I'll find something better, or get a better deal at the next place (I am my mother's daughter). So when everyone else was spending, spending, spending, I shelled out a meager $40 total. But I have redeemes myself.

My mom and I spent the morning at the newly opened Hobby Lobby out at 99th Ave and the I-10 freeway (which ended up being only 20 minutes away). I have been frequenting Hobby Lobby for some time, but in Oklahoma City, when I visit there of course. It is an amazing store! I love it! They have an entire corner of the store devoted to scrapping... aisle after aisle of stickers, paper, stamps, punches, albums, etc... and all for incredibly prices... they even have tons of stuff 50% off right now because of the grand opening... I got lots of paper and a couple stamps and acrylic paint, and all for $20!! Awesome!

Then to finish off the morning before I got to work, my mom and I picked up some bread from Wild Flower Bread company and the new Bistro soup from Safeway - Butternut squash, and we celebrated autumn with the tastes of the season... perfect... it was lovely!

I will leave you with pictures of the scrap tour...
my purchases

Lunch at Wild Flower Bread company

you can't resist taking a picture with a bronz statue

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

... and it's been almost a week...

A picture from the set of Shawn's original feature film "Fountain of You"... we filmed a little bit this last weekend... this is the foutain itself.
Shawn is calling Todd (the leading man) to see where the heck he is... he never showed up or called, so we improvised what we filmed that day.

I have 2.5 presents done and out of the way for christmas... I am very proud of myself this year... I thought and planned and now at the beginning of November I have gotten some christmas shopping done. I am usually scrambling for gifts at the beginning of december, and I just end up forfeiting creativity and sticking to the christmas list stuff... but this year I am really excited about the gifts I have thus far completed. I always get so excited about what I am giving... even more so than what I will get for christmas. This year with my dad's present I am way excited for him so see it... It is hard for me not to show it to him now. I also have my mom pretty much taken care of, I just need to complete the final details... and Tyler's gift has been half determined, I just need to think about the other part of it. Shawn and Nicole, I still have no idea about.

In a little more than 2 weeks I will be in Oklahoma for thanksgiving... I am really excited to see my cousins and their families... and to spend thanksgiving with them for the first time ever! It is also my birthday in two weeks which is pretty exciting too. But I am turning 22, what is so special about 22?

I am giving a final today in my afternoon class... and then this evening is a review for another final... easy work day.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

TV shows

I watched shows that I have taped tonight (and some that were live on TV)... the office was in it's awkward silence glory tonight... Grey's Anatomy is definitely getting interesting (I love that show so very much)... but the big one... LOST!!! I watched last nights episode tonight, because I was at work last night.... HOLY CRAP!!! What a great show... I am totally excited for next episode (which sadly enough is the "fall" season finale... it won't show new episodes till next spring)! But it looks awesome... and I love Desmond... and Kate and Sawyer plot developments look interesting! I am addicted... I know... but man it brightens up my evenings!

My netflix thinks I'm 5

I've heard "My TiVo think's I'm gay" theory, where based on the TV shows you watch, TiVo gives you recommendations on what other shows you might like... well I just started Netflix and apparently after filling out my movie preferences (they gave me list to rate) Netflix has determined that I am 5 years old... almost every recommendation they have for me is a Disney movie... all I remember is saying I really liked the little mermaid... but now Netflix thinks I'm 5 years old... ah well...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wedding Photography

Check out my friend Kelsie's website... she just put her photo gallery on her website! They are so beautiful!

Happy Halloween!!!

I know that Halloween officially starts this evening at sundown... the sentiment still stands.

This weekend Shawn and Nicole had their annual Halloween party so in true Miranda fashion I put on my best costume and partied it up! Here are some pics.

I was the little mermaid... so cute!

Nicole and Shawn as Sonny and Cher respectively.

My parents... my dad was Ricky Nelson and my mom was his adoring fan (she even had a poodle skirt that was super precious)

Amy and Andrew came as Seymore and Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors... Andrew even carried around that awesome flesh eating plant! Amy's black eye was a fine touch.

Then there was the Ellis Family

Michelle and Jason were from the Nacho Libre movie... Jason's costume was superb... Winston was Jack Sparrow... very awesome!

Joel and Misty were a pin-up girl and Greaser.