Friday, January 25, 2008

Whatever Thing - Waterdeep

Whatever thing that I have carried in this place
That will keep me from You
I will lay it at Your feet
Whatever burden I have carried for so long
That will keep me from seeing You
I will lay it down right now

All of the things that are cluttering my mind
I will push them far from here
And listen for Your voice
All of the pain that I am carrying inside
I will hand it to You
You will take it, set me free, I will fly

I need to hear You speak to me
And I want to feel You in this place
You long to take me in Your arms of love
So take me in Your arms of love

-Enter the Worship Circle: First Circle

Channel 21

I have recently been limited by the amount of channels I am able to watch on my television due to the fact that my free cable has been inexplicably turned off. Well this afternoon while I sat eating my lunch in my living room, I flipped through the channels and stumbled upon Channel 21. I don't like channel 21... it makes me despair at the christian culture. Why don't I just erase channel 21 from my programming? well every so often I stumble upon something worth while... like the "smiling Jesus" movie which airs around easter, or a retro Michael W Smith music video (I know these occasions are too rare to still justify my viewing, but it also has to do with the same reason I feel guilty about deleting those chain emails that claim you don't love God unless you forward to 10 extra people). Anyways... my point: I stopped on Channel 21 because John Eldredge was on being interviewed by some smiley southern couple. If you don't know who John Eldredge is, you are sorely missing out. He is the author of such books as Captivating, Sacred Romance, and Wild at Heart (which I am currently reading and LOVING it). I love this man and his wife... they are so amazing and through their writing God speaks to my heart and my passions!! John was talking about his book "The Way of the Wild Heart" which is a book about the healing process of how a boy - or a man - becomes a man. He said something that stuck with me... and I don't know why exactly yet, but I'm sure it'll be important to me later... he said that the church and the christian culture in general is "striving to he Holy without being whole." They are skipping the healing process and trying to jump straight to Holiness, which is where we get disheartened and fall into the cycle of sin.

God just really blessed me this morning by allowing me to listen to this incredible man talk about how God loves me!!

And now I can truly start my day!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm Home!!

Just got back from a weekend in Flagstaff. I sat for hours and hours all weekend snug inside a beautiful cabin surrounded by snowy mountains outside the window and of course hundreds of supplies for scrapbooking. I was on a Creative Memory Scrapbook retreat with my mom, Nicole, Becky Ellis, Lori Winzler, and Debbie Perry and 20 other ladies all there for one purpose... to scrap the night and day away!!

I got A TON done... I completed my New York album... from start to finish - all done at the retreat (minus the journaling which I have saved on my computer, almost ready to print. I am also updated till Feb 2007... with the exception of Christmas Day, which I was missing a couple pictures so I'll have to do that later. It was so productive. The company was also awesome and the food was delicious and like I said, the cabin was gorgeous!!!

Now I am home... I love the fact that I still have all day tomorrow off of work... and I love that the Green Bay Packers are currently leading by one point... it is still early in the game, but I believe in Brett Favre!!

I have no new pictures to share with you... I didn't take any at the retreat... but I have a fun video Shawn made of our College-aged group's trip to Disneyland at the beginning of December... ENJOY!!!

The Call 2007 Disneyland Trip

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Sad day...

Three things:

1.) Went to work this morning and not three minutes after walking through the door I was ushered into a classroom last minute to sub for an instructor who was a no show. I was not prepared to teach this morning... I was supposed to sit in front of a computer for the first four hours of work and do admin. stuff... instead I was teaching.

2.) My iPod is broken... I dropped it next to my car this morning before leaving for work. The plastic protector (which by it's name you think it would protect) flew off leaving my iPod exposed to breakage... so I was finally able to restore it and get all my music back on it... and it works, but the screen is cracked and the display has bars on it which makes it hard to see the songs names and stuff... I have a Mac genius appointment this week, and hopefully they'll have good news.

3.) My college classes, which I was SO EXCITED about were both cancelled due to low enrollment. BOTH OF THEM!!! I am obviously not meant to go back to school right now because this is the SECOND time this has happened... I am so disappointed. Now I have to wait till the summer or worse until the fall when I was hoping to start at ASU... I'm so bummed!

The day ended well with me getting to catch a movie (National Treasure: Book of secrets - SO GOOD) with my dad and Tyler - since I had an unexpected night off. Nice.

All in all though I took everything in stride (aside from the disappointment of the cancelled classes). But even that isn't SO bad because on the bright side I have all these free week nights I wasn't supposed to have.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pics from Disney World... finally

I am finally getting time to breath after my crazy two weeks. First, Disney World and then right after I have had a VERY full week at work trying to cram 40 hours into 3 and a half days. But here you are and enjoy our Disney memories!

To start us all off... the gateway to magic

We almost missed our connecting flight in Dallas... we had been waiting at the wrong gate because our first flight told us the wrong gate... stupid!

It was so cold!!! 42 degrees as the high in FLORIDA! Coldest it's been in several years for them

Walt is telling Minnie and I a very important Disney World story... let's listen in...

Tyler was tired so he slept in a Main street shop


This little boy looked so into the Animal Kingdom map. He was barely 2 years old so you know he had no idea what he was looking at... but he was so ready!!

It was an awesome trip!!! I am glad to be home though!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Leavin' on a jet plane

Tomorrow morning I will be on a plane to Florida where I will be spending the next five days in DISNEY WORLD!!! YAY!!!! I am super excited!!

I had a lovely New Years!! Hope all of you did too!! No pictures though... bummer. Ah well. I will have tons of pictures to share with you all when I get back next week!!

I will leave with a list of my 2008 "Hopes":
(I don't do resolutions because I end up disappointing myself at the end of the year... so instead I think of things I hope I will get to experience in the coming year)

- Visit Germany in August
- Complete last two classes at Community College
- Start school at ASU in the fall
- Visit to Disneyland (I mean I have an annual pass)
- Visit to Wisconsin... haven't been in over 2 years
- Plan a visit to England (hopefully to study there in 2009)
- Take incredible risks
- Be deliriously happy!!!