Thursday, September 23, 2010

11 days and she'll be here...

My baby niece will be here in just 11 days! Nicole is scheduled for a c-section on Oct 5th and (apparently) I am counting the days!! This little girl is beyond cute (I just know it) and I can't wait to meet her and hold her and kiss her little head :) Shawn & Nicole still don't have a name, and I love names, so I am equally as anxious to know what to call her. I have taken to calling her Baby Girl, which just isn't cute. It is so fun watching Emolyn get excited about her new baby sister. I was over at Shawn & Nicole's last night and Emolyn was very excited to help Nicole open a little gift I'd gotten Baby Girl.
I realized that I failed as an aunt because I brought not a thing for Emolyn... I didn't even have mints that I normally keep in my purse for when I see Emolyn. I did however have some stale pretzels, so that's something. I realize I need to better "Auntify" my purse with fun things that Emolyn can explore and play with. She usually has fun coloring in my planner or taking everything out of my wallet or pushing buttons on my phone or ipod, but I need to find something that will really wow her. Hahaha.
Have I told you all how completely and utterly in love with Emolyn I am? She is just so funny! She is so smart and silly and makes me laugh hysterically because she just says the absolute cutest things. Last night Shawn was telling her to get ready for bed by putting PJs and a pull up on. She quickly turned to be and said, "But Muwanda, I want yours mints." Shawn responded, "Emolyn you can have a mint if you put your pull up and Pjs on." Emolyn stared blankly at him. "Emolyn, do you want a mint." "Um, no." "Emolyn do you want to go to time out, cause if you don't put on your pull up and PJs, you're going to time out." "I go to time out." And she walks over to the corner where her chair was and sat down facing the wall. Again, I failed as an Aunt cause I was totally laughing. She is so sassy, but in such a sweet innocent way. She knows she is cute and people love her, but she is also so kind and cuddly and doesn't get annoying. I just think she is beautiful.
My heart aches with how much I already love this new Baby Girl. I can't believe how much I already love her so much!
Some pictures of life as an Aunt:
First time I saw her after coming home from 6 months in Europe
lightrail family date
Disneyland with the little princess
Christmas caroling at Mamaw's house
Emolyn and I love singing together
the birthday girl!
At her Grandma Beckie and Grandpa John's wedding
the little Easter bunny!
my favorite thing to do :) 
Tea party with Wonder Woman
playing catch
more tea parties!
my favorite niece named Emolyn! (I can't say favorite niece anymore)
I can't wait to start making memories with Baby Girl!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pretty Things...

I am sort of in love with the ModCloth advertisement that shows up in the right side of the Facebook news feed... I want all of these!!!

I want the top one the most... But I love them all!!

On a personal update, I have been busy busy busy with school! If I am not actually in class or at work, I am in my room doing homework or reading my textbooks. I love what I am studying, but I am starting to feel lame.
But I am very excited about what I have planned for the rest of the year! Aside from the holiday season, I have possibly two trips to Disneyland, one awesome wedding, and of course my 26th Birthday!!!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

New music...

Oh my gosh, I am on such a new music kick right now!! I am not one to venture out and find new music, but I have had a couple people suggest some new stuff and I am so excited to listen to new tunes :)

So I thought I would share with you some of the new songs I am obsessed with!

#1. The Civil Wars - this first suggestion came from my mom. I am starting to have to admit to myself that my mom actually has good taste in music. Some of the the stuff she likes is not my style, but I am learning we align in music taste more often than a daughter would probably like to admit ;) Love you mom. 
I am obsessed with this song!!
Joy Williams (the female singer) also has some great songs - but only the stuff she has released after 2009. Her earlier stuff is not the best in my opinion.

#2. Sara Bareilles - Her sophomore album was released this last tuesday. I bought it and it is AWESOME! It seems like every song she writes applies to my life. Her first album "Little Voice" is one of my very favorite CDs and one that I can always listen to!

#3. The Band Perry - I only really like one of their songs so far... but I REALLY like it!

#4. Kings of Leon - I got their entire CD from my cousin over a month ago and I listen to the CD all the time. They have such a vintage rock sound to them. Really awesome. The stuff they play of the radio is ok, but this song is my favorite of theirs

#5. Katy Perry - I admit it... I am a fan! Her new song "Teenage Dream" is always stuck in my head.

Anyone have any other music suggestions?

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I'm in a Disneyland state of mind...

I found an ad campaign launched by the Disneyland Paris resort called "Get rid of your bad dreams" I have no idea the logic behind the ad campaign... I'm assuming they are saying Disneyland Paris will get rid of bad dreams, but I don't fully understand. Disneyland Paris is so odd! hahaha

But can I tell you, I seriously think these pictures are SO CUTE!!!
This little girl looks like Boo from Monsters Inc
I laughed out loud at this one... I just imagine the look of determination on the little boys face
I need a trip to Disneyland PRONTO!!!