Tuesday, August 28, 2007

San Diego trip...

I am so excited!! Laura Mills, Ashley Mertz, and I are heading to San Diego for Labor Day weekend to hang on the beach and soak up the sun. I have not left the state since New York and I am in need of a road trip!!! Anyway I will come home with lots of fun pictures! I went to Old Navy and bought a new bathing suit top for a couple bucks - yay end of the summer sales. So I am more than jazzed about beach time and hopefully getting some color!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Jr. High celebrity crush revisited...

When I was in Jr. High I was a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer... I even had a crush on the character Xander Harris (played by Nicholas Brendon) from the show. I even have a diary entry devoted to my celebrity crushes and actor Nicholas Brendon is featured... I was/AM a huge nerd I know, but I was 13 so give me a break.

Cut to today... looking through the pictures of my friend Amy's pictures from her friends Christian and Avalon's wedding... low and behold Christian's brother is Nicholas Brendon... I laughed and couldn't help but email Amy and tell her. The whole thing made me think of my 13 year old self... and reminise... I even went back and read some of my diaries from back then... filled with clippings from magazines about my favorite movies (Ever After), tv shows (X-files - shakes head), music, etc... (make shift scrapping... I should post some when I get a chance if I deem them not too embarrassing). I even have my top ten lists of the biggest actors/actresses - where are you now Seth Green and Freddie Prinze Jr. and favorite songs - oh Matchbox 20. LAME.

Well there is an insight into my dweeby past.

Friday, August 24, 2007

sick day

Called in sick to work today... felt like poo when I woke up - sinus pressure, sore throat, drainage, yuck. So I slept it off. I still feel stuffy and blah, but I am up and moving. I have Days of our Lives playing on the TV as I type... I guess you could say this is my soap. Stefano is back... who knew!! It's like I can go for years without watching this bloody show and watch one episode and I am completely caught up. Quality storylines... (gag).

So here is my apartment in pictures including some favorite vingettes:

First stop - living room

New throw pillows

Designer tissue box... livingroom decor inspiration

Dining room and kitchen:
light is from Ikea

Art work from Big Lots


My bedroom... rather barren. Its my next decorating project.

Jewelry hook on the other side of the mirror

Also discovered this hole in my window in the living room... covered it with tape so bugs and hot air doesn't get it... it is actually just the size of a pin... but bummer.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random day off...

Fun random day off work. Gave dad a massage, shopped for apartment (got awesome throw pillows... pictures to come), cleaned, and got to hang out with Ashley and Shannon... shopped for the perfect cocktail dress... I finally remembered to grab my camera and got some pictures of our adventures... enjoy

Shannon with Ashley's glasses... stylin'

Our driver... paying attention to the road...


Cool cloud picture

In the fitting room at Marshalls

Then we came home and made mojitos... yum.

Bought the album "Little Voice" by Sara Bareilles off of iTunes today (would I still call it an album if I just bought the MP3s?) I have had 4 songs dowloaded already from the album but I finally got the whole thing and listened to it... AMAZING. I love her voice, her writing style, her musical style... just wonderful!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

my idea weekly schedule would make it so I have office hours on monday morning instead of a class right away... I need to ease into my week better. I would also not work a lot of mornings in general... I am not a morning person and my sensible train of thought is lacking... therefore my students suffer because I don't make sense.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Saw Becoming Jane tonight. It was lovely... I am trying to figure out when I can see it again! If you know the story of Jane Austen's life, you know the ending, but still it was lovely.

I do have to say I have been crying at romantic movies recently (more than usual and even with the romantic comedies... I am a basket case). This movie was no exception... cried and cried. The movie was also beautifully directed and shot... the costumes were just flawless... the chemistry was just how Jane would have wanted it - filled with wit and flirtation with a perfect amount of sizzle.

Aaron, Laurie, and Ashley Mertz all were my movie companions. We went out for Gellato afterwards - forgot my camera (which has become an unfortunate habit).

Monday, August 13, 2007

Good Night...

I am sitting in my apartment watching Sex and the City while it thunders outside - AWESOME!!!
Work was fun tonight. In Injury class I lead the whole class through hands on stroke by stroke and as everyone works Leah (my awesome TA) and I walk around and make sure they are doing it right. Well this is the graduating night class and so after almost a year of massage school there is a minimal amount of correction going on so Leah and I are left to our own vices and ways of entertaining ourselves... So my way this evening was to lead them through the hands-on time in an English accent... super fun and kept the class alert and paying attention of course. It also made everyone laugh, which is a plus. It seemed that the campus was in a joking mood today - this afternoon Jonnie placed a fart machine (that I confiscated several quarters ago) in class and during hands-on time kept making it do off... made us all crack up. The mood was a welcome change for the regular melancholy that permeates among the faculty... I had a fun day.

Tomorrow I am having some friends over for food and fun times. I hope everyone else is having a great week so far!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Girly day...

After a busy week at work, I have neglected my blog - no surprise I know, I stink and the blog updates.

Got paid today... I love days like that. So what did I do? I went and got a hair cut, headed on over to ulta and for the first like in my life I bought some decorative make-up... I have never bought stuff like eye shadow or blush before. I usually stick to the bear essentials: foundations, mascara, chapstick... So because I spent a certain amount of money on specifically ulta products I got a gift bag of products worth $65 for free!!! YAY!!! Here is my loot

Also my hair

(I know it isn't drastic, but it is shorter and lays so nicely... I love it!)

I also registered for an 8 week class at MCC that starts in 2 weeks. Awesome!! I am actually excited to be a student again. The class is His100 which starts at the dawn of time so to speak and goes until the middle ages... my favorite time period because we'll cover rome, greece, etc, etc. I really am excited!

kid's dinner

A week ago Shawn and Nicole came over for dinner and Nicole made up a delicious stir fry. It started lightly raining and so we decided to eat outside on the patio surrounded by the rain. It as really fun and we had some laughs of course. We then settled back inside for a trip down memory lane continuing our venture through childhod videos. Found some good ones of my dad's 40th birthday party... seeing the Lynch's, Warrens, Walberers, etc over 15 years ago was hilarious. Enjoy the pictures of our kid's dinner.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Faith & Tim pics

I was finally able to procure some pictures of the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw concert thanks to KNIXcountry.com... this will give you a good idea of how close I was to the stage...

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Faith & Tim

The concert was absolutely incredible!!! Stephanie and I were so close to the stage I could have been drenched in sweat if I would have taken a step forward!!! After leaving from Mesa at 7pm to make the 8pm show we didn't show up to the Jobing.com Arena (formerly known as Glendale Arena) until 8:15... ugh!!! But no worry the opening act was on and we hadn't missed a thing!!!! So we head on down to our seats and realize just how close 5th row is-a mere 20 feet from the stage!!! The stage lay out was in the center of the arena and had four catwalks extending from the four sides of the stage. The performers would come out from the center of the stage trap door of sorts.

So to start off the concert after the opening act Faith & Tim did a cover of Snow Patrol's Chasing cars (not a great song for them to cover, but still). Then Faith did her whole set which was so great! Great song selection - all the best. Then she finished with Mississippi Girl and went off stage. Without a break at all the both of them came out and sang a couple of their duets. Then Tim did his set! Now I have to be honest I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Tim McGraw's set even more than Faith's... he really knows how to get the crowd excited and in an uproar!! And man is he very nice to look at!!! I had so much fun!!!!!!!

Stephanie and I before the concert!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Faith and Tim

in just about 2 hours I will be at Jobing.com Arena seeing Faith Hill and Tim McGraw live in concert!!! So overly excited!!!!

Saw Harry Potter 5 in IMAX 3D with Nicole... it was rocking!!!