Saturday, December 29, 2007

My completed puzzle!!!

Some pictures...

This blog is in serious need of art... so here are some fav pictures from the season:

Nicole, baby and I at Jeremy's wedding

Mom and Stacy at our "Christmas Eve Group" Party

I did not make all this... but I helped set it up

All the pretty lights and ornaments

Christmas Eve kids picture

Lunch with friends from high school. Jenna and her husband were in town

This is John Lynch at Joel and Misty's Christmas Vacation Party... there are no more words.

Thompson cousins caroling...

Mom and dad

Mamaw and Papaw... they are so cute

Christmas Eve breakfast with Shawn and Nicole

Matchy Matchy brothers... with they keychains

Christmas money!!! Yay!! My hair is awful!

Christmas Day Dinner with Nicole's family

I taught myself a song on Winston's new guitar... the song and it's simplicity is irrelevent.

Mom and me

My presents!!! Look at all those movies!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I am going to form a new club!!! It will be called the "I'm still in my 20's and act like an old lady" either that or "Old Lady Club"... the name is still up in the air and will be decided later. The reason behind my club formation: my day began with Martha Stewart Living and cereal. Then I watched a couple episodes of the Office before heading out for a walk for about an hour and a half. Then I came home and watched more of the office while deep cleaning half my apartment (the other half will be completed tomorrow). The climax of my momentous day was watching more of the office while starting a puzzle... THAT'S RIGHT A PUZZLE!!!! Tomorrow will probably be filled with more of the same. I am such an old woman it isn't even funny!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Jim and Pam... one of the great love stories.

Christmas pictures are still to come... but in the meantime please enjoy some great Jim and Pam moments!! I really think I am in love with Jim Halpert!!!

I love these videos because they are set to two truly great songs... and yes this is how I have spent my Christmas Day evening!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Less Frustrating... and some awesome!!!

The re-roofing has stopped... They left around 9:30 at which time I went back to sleep for a couple hours... now I feel ready to start my day. And what a wonderful start it has been... I woke up to this wonderful bit of news:

PETER JACKSON HAS SETTLED WITH NEW LINE CINEMA AND WILL BE PRODUCING THE HOBBIT!!!!!!!!! I think my dad and I watching the movies yesterday gave Jackson a bit of luck!!! YAY!!! You have no idea how happy this makes me!!

Now I am going to get dressed, do some shopping for christmas presents, and probably come back here and do a whole lot of nothing (probably while watching a movie... and probably getting some cleaning done which is sorely needed).


I am miserably sick... flu, sore throat, sinus pressure... the whole bit. Yesterday I spent the entire day (and I mean ENTIRE day) watching the three extended editions of Lord of the Rings with my dad. It was lovely.

But today I planned on staying home (at my apartment) all morning sleeping and peacefully watching TV or a movie or two. Then this afternoon possibly going out to get some Christmas Shopping done. But alas I have been thwarted. They are re-roofing my apartment!!! I recieved a note on my door yesterday notifying me. 7am I was woken up to this nice construction worker at my door saying they were going to begin work for the day. So I try to go back to sleep (probably in my half-slumber I thought I may be able to sleep through it). No dice. They are hacking and pounding away and God knows what up there for God knows how long!!! Meanwhile I can't hear myself think let alone expect to hear a television. To top things off I have a skylight in my bathroom right above my toilet (I think the designer of the apartment figured that if we can't have window in the bathroom we should get a skylight and if we need a skylight it should most definitely go right above the toilet). Which for all intents and purposes makes no difference to me, except when there are men on my roof and the top part of the skylight has been removed for the roofing project... I need to go to the bathroom and I am not waiting for they're frickin' lunch break.

I just want to sleep and do nothing... and I don't know how long this is going to take today... because they are scheduled to be here tomorrow as well!!! I hate roofing!!!

I also forgot my camera over at my friend Meredith's house this last friday... so pictures of my apartment will have to wait. Hopefully I can go pick up the camera later today.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I am officially on vacation!!! Yay!! I will now have time to blog a little bit more often (I know you're right, you shouldn't hold your breath) and I am hopefully going to be able to get some pictures of Christmas Decorations around my apartment on here so you all can see how I am making my place holiday-home-like.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Yay disneyland!!!

Just got back from the happiest place on earth... and it truely was just that! Our group had so much fun, and it was awesome that our entire group of 21 people stuck together for almost the entire time (with the occasional break for meals). We got to ride so many rides!! It rained a little bit in the afternoon so I think the weather kept a lot of the locals away which left minimal crowds in the afternoon and evening. We spent the entire first day 8am - 12am at Disneyland and the second day 10am - 3:30pm in California Adventure. I found great souvenirs!! I got this gorgeous tree topper for my Christmas Tree and some christmas ornaments (but unfortunately I grabber the wrong shopping bag so Clark has my stuff and I'll get it back tomorrow). But the best gift I got for myself was... wait for it... an ANNUAL PASS!!!! YAY! They deducted the price I paid for my current ticket and so the cost of the Delux Annual Pass was a complete steal!!!

Here are some pictures to enjoy of Christmas at Disneyland!!

Ben proposed to Laura right after the fireworks ended and the snow started to fall on Main Street... it was awesome! I got some awesome pictures.

The whole group (minus Joel) on Tower of Terror... notice Shawn, Tyler, Clark and I each did a Bluth chicken!! Awesome!

Yay Annual Pass!!

Hope you enjoyed!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

heater is fixed, but...

my computer is acting funny. I installed Leopard last week (Mac's new operating system) and now it says I have very little disk space to download songs and general files and what-not... this totally sucks!! I may have to take it to the apple store and have them tell me what the heck is happening (I do have connections there), or take it to my dad and have him fiddle around with it. Either way it all just makes me very uneasy.

Went to my Mark Williams book launch party last night. It was fantastic!! I can't wait to start reading his book... hopefully sometime today!! I am so excited for him and this huge accomplishment. His whole family was so excited too!

In other news: 3 more days till I am in Disneyland!!!! Yippie! So excited to ring in the Christmas season at the happiest place on earth. I'm going with The Call (church college aged group)!!!

In other other news: just a week and a half until my vacation!!! Hallelujah!!!! I am needing to have this amazing break to rest and relax.

That is all... wish my posts were more thrilling.

Monday, December 03, 2007

I think my heater is broken...

I have to set on like 80 degrees now and it still won't get above 67 degrees... do we all agree that something may be terribly wrong with my heater? I have never paid much attention to heating systems until now, so maybe this is how it works? hehe ;)

can't think of a clever post title...

My dad's concert was wonderful!! you can see some of the pictures on my mom's blog... really fun, really awesome, and rockin' music!!!

My family decorated my parent's house yesterday... we watched Christmas Specials - Mickey's Christmas Carol (where Goofy learns to ski) and Charlie Brown Christmas. It was super fun to get to ring in the Christmas Season with whole family. I even got to feel the baby move in Nicole's tummy!!! YAY!!

Also this weekend we saw my cousins whom I haven't seen in over a year. My cousins Matt and Sylvia and their 9month old little boy Elijah were visiting from Germany where they are stationed in the army. Also, my cousin Ben and his new fiance Helen came in from California for a visit!! So much fun to see all of them!! They are awesome and Elijah is incredibly cute... he liked hanging out with me.

Besides that I have been in kind of a funk... a stupid funk that the longer I am in it the more I realize how it is a waste of my time and energy, and yet I am still in it. Please pray for me... You know the song by Paul Simon "Think too much" (the slow one... not the fast one), it is kind of my theme song at the moment. It's true... I do think too much and too hard.