Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I am miserably sick... flu, sore throat, sinus pressure... the whole bit. Yesterday I spent the entire day (and I mean ENTIRE day) watching the three extended editions of Lord of the Rings with my dad. It was lovely.

But today I planned on staying home (at my apartment) all morning sleeping and peacefully watching TV or a movie or two. Then this afternoon possibly going out to get some Christmas Shopping done. But alas I have been thwarted. They are re-roofing my apartment!!! I recieved a note on my door yesterday notifying me. 7am I was woken up to this nice construction worker at my door saying they were going to begin work for the day. So I try to go back to sleep (probably in my half-slumber I thought I may be able to sleep through it). No dice. They are hacking and pounding away and God knows what up there for God knows how long!!! Meanwhile I can't hear myself think let alone expect to hear a television. To top things off I have a skylight in my bathroom right above my toilet (I think the designer of the apartment figured that if we can't have window in the bathroom we should get a skylight and if we need a skylight it should most definitely go right above the toilet). Which for all intents and purposes makes no difference to me, except when there are men on my roof and the top part of the skylight has been removed for the roofing project... I need to go to the bathroom and I am not waiting for they're frickin' lunch break.

I just want to sleep and do nothing... and I don't know how long this is going to take today... because they are scheduled to be here tomorrow as well!!! I hate roofing!!!

I also forgot my camera over at my friend Meredith's house this last friday... so pictures of my apartment will have to wait. Hopefully I can go pick up the camera later today.


ATS said...

what a terrible terrible way to start your time off. ...

Andrew will be home at 230 if you want to come sleep over here.

poor thing.

ATS said...

Andrew says we have a ton of movies (from the library) if you want to come watch movies with him. ...