Monday, January 29, 2007

6 weird things about me...

I did this a couple of months ago, but was tagged by my mom to do it again... some are old, some are new... here we go:

1. I must make the bed every night before I climb in to go to sleep - now it is not a full out thing... but I do have to make sure that the sheets are even on both sides, everything is tucked in, and clean and nice.

2. I have had a toe ring on the second toe of my left foot for close to 6 years (I've never taken it off) - three of my friends and I got them in San Diego. I don't even know if any of them are still wearing theirs.

3. I know how to say "one ring to rule them all, one ring to find them..." in the language of Mordor (from Lord of the Rings) - I know... this one is geeky. I learned it when I read the books... I am silly.

4. I must have a salty and sweet combo when I am snacking - usually chocolate followed by some sunflower seeds... then I switch as I feel led to do.

5. My inner monologue (when I talk to myself in my own head) it is in an British accent... I have no idea why. Honestly, when I talk to myself and process stuff it is done with a British accent. Proof I was born on the wrong continent.

6. I have an infinite knowledge of who is dating who in hollywood. I really am not sure where it comes from because it is not like I pour over tabloids all the timeand such, but I just pick it up thru osmosis... and remember it forever.

There you have it... my quirky things... so I should tag someone right?
Kevin, Shawn, and Aaron... go!

a possible new hair style...

I love this and would love to do something like it to my hair... what do you think? Possible colors for my hair - blue, purple, or hot pink. I would only dye the underside... just so it peeks out from underneath. Let me know your thoughts.


disney's new add campaign...

David Beckham as Prince Phillip (of course)
Beyonce, Lyle Lovett, and Oliver Platt in the tea cups
Scarlett Johannsen as Cinderella
I hope this doesn't go through... I am partial to Peter Jackson.
Everything is all fine and dandy with my new car!! I have been basking in the wonderment of new car excitement... that is, until I got my car insurance quote... which will be twice as much as I am currently paying. I knew it was going to be more, but I just didn't know how much... DRATS!!! I am not done though... I will not give up without a fight and I will be shopping around for the next few days... wish me luck.

New blog to look at...

My brother is now on my links list... he wasn't a strong blogger, but I think this Craft Service thing is really turning him around... check him out!!!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Jane Eyre

It was wonderful... it was superb... it made my heart ache for a love like that. I wish I could watch it ten more times... but I have to go to work in the morning... sigh. I love that story!!!
this is Venice... I wish I was there!!!

busy week coming up...

I have a very busy week this week. I am working 12 hours a day for three days in a row (teaching the whole time)... I am not use to this so I am mentally preparing... luckily I have a half day tomorrow and only a short meeting on friday morning, but other than that, my life will be work this week.

Tonight I am trying to decide if I will be watching Part 2 of Jane Eyre and taping the SAG Awards, or if I'll tape Jane Eyre and watch the SAG Awards... I know, decisions decisions.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

got a massage...

part of my job as a massage instructor is, of course, to make sure the students are giving a good massage... so I have to go down to their weekend clinic and recieve a massage... I know I know, what a horrible job. It actually is a trial and error type of situation... sometimes I get a good massage, sometimes I don't... but today I got an exceptional massage!!! It was wonderful. I felt so relaxed. I haven't had body work in a really long time. So I am content and ache free for the moment. I have so many knots and tight muscles...

I finally finished all seasons of Coupling... excellent.

I really want to see Casino Royale again... I have no idea what brougt that on.

Body Worlds 3

I want to go so bad... check it out!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

MCC has their class schedules for the summer and fall semesters available online... alas I will be unable to take a class in the summer time and will have to wait until the fall. But there is an opportunity for a fall class that I can take for 8 weeks on tuesday and friday afternoons... now I'll have to work with my job on this one, but it shouldn't be a huge deal since we never have classes on friday afternoons and it should be easy for them to just not schedule a class for me on tuesdays... this should work out well.

cleaning my room...

I am home and cleaning my room extensively... I don't know what brings it on, but sometimes I feel claustrophobic and need to purge... so I am. The first to go - clothes I haven't worn in a while... I have a small stack... which means I need to have a yard sale. and of course share the wealth... so if anyone is interested in my clothes let me know.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Swoon and Sigh... I have finally gotten to watch the first part of Jane Eyre on Masterpiece Theater... is it sad that it is the high light of my week? Anyway, it was devine! I love it. I am super excited for Sunday and part 2... that is when it starts getting good. I am really liking the actors in this movie. none of the Jane Eyres in any of the other versions I have seen have been particularly good. Samantha Morton was pretty okay... the best Mr. Rochester was Timothy Dalton, but in the version I watched tonight - Toby Stephens is magnificent... I like him better. It was great.

I also got to hang out with my friend Chris for a time over coffee... I haven't seen him in a while. It was nice to get to chat - we talked a lot about Harry Potter (he just finished book 6 for the first time, so I shared all my theories).

Lovely afternoon!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

just 20 more minutes...

and then I can go home...

Monday, January 22, 2007

day off...

I turned in my application for rental at Glenwood Terrace Apartments in Phoenix. I am excited and a little scared... but I guess it is to be expected... I am mostly excited though.
I also spent my day running other errands. I bought a couple books, ran to Kohls for clothes, at Walmart I bought snacks to stock my desk at work with... I usually get really hungry at work and it'll be nice to have some healthy light snacks to tie me over during classes.
Now I am watching Heroes... AWESOME!!! I really like this show! Lots of characters though... and the plot line moves rather slowly... but it is still holding my attention, so I am hooked.

REMEMBER: I still need a wall calendar for my room.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


I competely forgot that PBS Masterpiece Theater was presenting Jane Eyre!!!! I have been looking forward to this for 8 MONTHS!!!! (when I first heard that BBC was in production of a new version of my very beloved classic)... so I forgot, but I did get to watch the last half hour of the first episode (it is a two parter with the second half airing next sunday). Luckily they have an encore presentation Tuesday 3am... so I will be taping that. I also went online and I pre-ordered the DVD. I love this story so much... the DVD should be arriving at my house by the end of February! I can't wait!!

Celebrity Look-alikes

Try it... it's fun!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Can you believe it!!! I was just going to look and I bought a car instead!!!

I took some pictures of Edi before I left the house... you can see the bad paint better...

So I went down to Tempe Honda to look around at their used car lot, and found this Nissan Sentra... I loved it - 45,000 miles, 2003 model, only $9,000!! It was a smokin' deal! But I have never been shopping for a car so I wanted to look around more... it just seemed to easy. We went to Tempe Toyota, Tempe Nissan and asked about a car in the $8,000 - $9,000 price range, hopefully under 100,000 miles. They looked at us like we were crazy... We even told the guys at Tempe Nissan about the first car we saw and they squinted their eyes at us and asked a question we were asking ourselves, "Why didn't you buy that car?" Good question! So we went back and I bought it.

It is a boy car... I new that at first glance... His name also popped into my head instantly after looking at him - Captain America... AWESOME! I want to get the Captain America logo as a bumper sticker...

I love my car so much... other features: Automatic locks and windows... a gas gage that works, the trunk opens at the push of a button, the trunk is also big enough to fit my massage table, and it has a CD player... SWEET!
Going to look for a new car today with my dad... it is time. Edi is dying, and as sad as it is to admit it... he is. He has been a good car, both to my grandparents and myself. Just a couple of weeks ago he passed the 100,000 mile mark - little trouper. The paint is peeling, the gas pedal sometimes sticks so when I am wanting to take a left hand turn, he sometimes hesitates in the actually get-up-and-go, and with on-soming traffic, it is like playing "chicken". Then when he is really tired sometimes he doesn't start at all... not a click or a engine rev or anything. But I love him, and the air conditioning and heater are phenominal... the seats are comfortable. I will miss him dearly when I trade him in.

I love naming things and Edi's full name is Edinburgh Reginald Von Dodge... very proper... he's ghetto, but a name gives him distinction. It also was a reminder that I will one day go to Europe and actually stay in Edinburgh for a time. What a great car.

Some pictures of when I first got him...
I was just starting my freshman year in college... 2 1/2 years ago.
Look mom, no hands!!

*** the tag at the top of the windshield allows my car onto Luke Air Force base... Awesome! Thanks Papaw!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Grey's Anatomy

last night's episode was really good. I love this show so much.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I made scones!!!

So I got home from work this morning and decided that I needed to bake... but not just anything... I wanted scones!! So I found a recipe on the internet for "Raspberry filled orange scones" - yum.

I don't cook very often, but when I do, I think I am pretty good at it. The only trouble is my mom hovering... she is helpful and all, but I decided to distract her from stirring and mixing, by aving her take pictures...

I have eaten 2 already and they are super yummy!

Monday, January 15, 2007

self portrait...

this is my pensive face...

Kendra & Miranda Day

They don't come around too often, but when they do - they're AWESOME!! My best friend and I got to spend some time together today... we haven't been able to do that since sometime during the Kennedy administration so you can imagine the excitement.

We went shopping - I got a ring of mine cleaned for the first time since I got it (when I was 13 years old). We also walked around Target

and then back to Kendra's apartment, and we just hung out. We also watched the Golden globes as stated in the previous post. Sorry to say, but the award show didn't hold my attention for very long and so picture time began with my new camera... priceless.

I just watch to see what the ladies are wearing

It was a tough race for best actress this year - Helen Mirren vs. Helen Mirren... oh the agony... Helen Mirren won!
This would be the part where we completely lost interest
Golden Globes are on right now!!! I always love looking at what everyone is wearing. Most excellent fashions this year!!! It makes me want to buy a nice dress to wear somewhere... who's with me - "fancy award show dress night"... guys are invited too... but they must wear suits... it is only proper.
Woke up this morning absolutely freezing... turns out the heater is broken.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

My latest movie from netflix is the British TV series "Coupling"... it is the BBC's version of Friends. It is pretty funny. More along the lines of a combo betweek Friends, Seinfeld, and Sex and the City... creative. It has Jack Davenport from Pirates of the Caribbean (Commodor Norrington) in it... and he is absolutely hilarious.

P.S. I have discovered that it is only Safari that will not let me post pictures... Mozilla is being nicer to me.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tyler didn't get the part of Tony... he is so relieved! He would have freaked out if he would have gotten the part. His Jazz concert is tonight... super exciting.

Friday, January 12, 2007

testing, testing 1-2-3

I can post a picture... and I chose this one.
I took it with my new camera a couple of nights ago at a friends house. It is a grapefruit in a bonfire... artsy huh. It is also my computer wallpaper.
It's raining... I love rain, have I told you that? It makes my heart happy.

I got home from work this afternoon and immediantly slipped into my sweats and curled up to watch soap operas... don't judge - there was nothing else on.

I just got back from seeing "Night at the Museum" (click the link on my "movies I've watched recently..." section). It was really fun! Definitely geared towards kids, but super funny. I suggest it for if you just want something mindless and silly. Owen Wilson stole every scene he was in.

Tyler spent this last week auditioning for his high school's musical "Copacabana" (like the Barry Manilow song). We'll find out tonight what part he makes... he was called back for the lead, Tony. Cross your fingers.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Blog...

it was time for a change... check out my lists! What do you think?


Apple computers announced a iPhone and iTV... check it out!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

i just saw this commercial on TV just now... I WANT TO GO SO BAD!!!!
I have had a huge break from teaching... I finished up my classes a couple days before all the rest of the teachers last quarter, and last week I ended up being scheduled to teach one class on tuesday morning, and then had nothing to do the rest of the week. So with the gap of time I began to doubt my abilities or my real love of what I do... "absence makes the heart grown doubtful" apparently. But after two classes thus far this week I remembered that I really like teaching. It is exciting to get to share all this information and have people get excited about it all over again. I was really pleased.

But alas I seem to be getting sick... I went to work with a slight headache and now I am feeling the pangs of exhausted/sick state. I have an easy day tomorrow so I hope I can get back on track.

Okay, so I have started my "To Do 2007" list. I make one every year... its just a list of stuff that I would like too do this year... nothing extravagant so that I set myself up for failure... mainly "buy a new car, move out, go to disneyland..." basic stuff.
But the one that is on my list that got me really excited was "taking a college class". I figure it is completely do-able. MCC offers classes during the evening for one night each week and i could easily ask to not be scheduled to teach one night each week. I am really excited. I remember how much I absolutely loved college and after not being in school for almost a year and a half, I am feeling the withdrawls. So I am going to take my last few classes this year before I transfer to ASU in the next couple of years.
I am totally excited to be sitting in a lecture class again, hearing the professor talk about history... that may make no sense to some of you, but it sounds divine to me.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

scrap day

Nicole and I planned this day to scrap, so I ordered a bunch of picture at the end of last week to prepare... but I got an email that the picture were just being sent two days ago... UGH! that means that they won't come till monday!!! so I am scrambling to get something to fill my time... I think I am okay, but I am a fast scrapper.

I am also watching Anne of Green Gables while I clean my room... it is such a wonderful movie, I love Anne and Gilbert - so utterly romantic.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


So blogger is only letting me upload one picture within a 24 hours period I guess. so I wasted it on my hair unveiling.

If blogger is reading this, I am very very upset!!

New year, new hair color

the official unveiling...

gosh I am white... I am so very white

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years!!!

spent last night at Amy and Andrew Schubert's house... we looked at trashy tabloid magazines, made delicious cookies, and played Apples to Apples for a couple hours... in the midst of the game, the clock struck 12... we were lucky to realize it, so we yelled "Happy New Year" and then went right back to the game... exciting huh!! Soon after midnight we started Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and I fell asleep... My friend Ashley spent the night at my house... we got home and to bed at about 2am... pretty good.

I have come to grips with the fact that New Years is lame and I haven't had a super fun New Years since freshman year of high school... don't get me wrong I have awesome friends whom I feel privilaged to spend the stroke of midnight with... but how anti-climactic the whole thing turns out to be... I think next year, if I don't find myself in time square or Disneyland main street, I think I may just go to bed and skip the whole thing.

I woke up today at 10am got out of bed at 10:30 and Ashley and I settled onto the couch for a Wildfire marathon on the Family Channel... quality programming. We also watched Practical Magic before Ashley headed home. Over all a super relaxing day of New years day - finished up with some pizza and sushi for dinner... awesome!

I am dreading with everything in me going back to work tomorrow.