Friday, June 29, 2007

Nasty plumbing

there was disgusting god-knows-what coming out of my bathtub drain last night after I took a shower!!! It was one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen! Called my landlord and he told me he would check it out in the morning... so this morning @ 5:30am I wake up to use the restroom only to discover that the same thing was happening to my toilet... I gagged! Couldn't go back to sleep from disgust... so I got up and cleaned... washed the dishes (kitchen sink drain is fine)... got my dirty laundry together... My landlord came over and said he'd call the plumber straight away. So I left for work 15 minutes early and came home 6 hours later to a perfectly working bathroom. I love quick plumbing service!

Here is a picture of my couch... It's very nice to lay on and watch movies... super fun!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lambert the Sheepish Lion

I have no idea, but I got to thinking about a short animated film that I watched so many times when I was little... it was on a tape my parents had recorded off of the Disney channel or something... but it was called Lambert the Sheepish Lion... about a Lion cub mistakenly given to a flock of sheep by the Stork... It was precious!! I loved it and wanted to watch it again... to my delight I found it on the internet (what does the web NOT have)... So I have included the link for you to all enjoy!! It is barely 10 minutes if that. I will have the song stuck in my head for a week now, but it is awesome! I also remember saying, or my mom saying, "Pick out the Ewe that you like best and she will be your mother"... I am going to sleep with dreams of Lambert!! Way to go Lambert!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

my iPod is fixed

I took it down to the apple store and they fixed my iPod... I secretly was hoping it would be beyond repair and they would just have to give me a new one. But now I have until October still to break my iPod beyond repair. In other news I got to spend some time cleaning and unpacking my apartment. I even went around the house and took stock of what I needed to get to complete certain walls and empty table tops. I have post-its everywhere saying things like "mirror", "plant", "lamp", "art piece"... so now i have a list of things I need to be looking out for at thrift stores or Ikea.

I also got rid of more stuff from my dresser and closet of clothes that I won't wear again... a painful process, but a needed one. I did the same thing for my mom last week and we had a good laugh at the clothes that she had kept since the 80's. My clothes will now be up for grabs at the (fully clothed) Naked Lady party I am having with a couple friends!! Fun times... my stuff is mostly clothes although it is open to furniture, book, movies, housewares, etc... I am newly living on my own and don't have stuff to give away yet.

Maybe later I will post pictures of my new couch cover... it's darling.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My iPod is sad again...

stupid piece of crap iPod... I turned it on the other day to find it flashing a message that basically prompted me to hook it up to my computer erase all my music from it and try to reload it all... no big deal, right? WRONG!!! Now everytime I try to get songs on it, it will freeze on a different song every time and then freeze all together and disconnect from my computer... I am so sad. It means I will be making a trip to the apple store to get it looked at. Shawn may be getting a job there... they have to check out his criminal history first and then my bro will more than likely have a job at one of the coolest places to work!!! If my iPod keeps this up I will have to spend a lot of time at said store.

Other than that I have a long (14 hour) day tomorrow... I don't want to work mornings anymore... it is just too hard to get up especially since my body won't let me go to sleep at a decent time no matter what I try. I would rather work till 11pm and then not have to be at work until noon... that is what I requested from my boss for next quarter schedule.

I will be getting my new Ikea couch cover this weekend... After that I will be in full decorate mode... My living room is my first project... then my kitchen (pampered chef party is a-comin')... and then I'll move onto my bedroom/bathroom... last will be my second bedroom... because I just don't know what I want it to be yet... I think that will be where I display my disney books... maybe I'll get some of my fav disney photos and make a whole shrine... does that sound obsessive? Either way I have no vision for that room.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I have been house sitting since tuesday and have been a little burnt out... therefore the lack of the posting. I took my first sick day since I started working as an Instructor... and it was fun!! Fun in the sense that actually was feeling crappy and i laid around the house watching movies and dozing in and out of conciousness... much need and the next day I returned to work so much better.... I no longer desired to burn the place down. My friends Jeannette and her husband Matt are in New York this week so I am watching their dogs Bandit (golden retriever) and Princess Aurora (Rottweiler).

Funny story: Last night there were probably about 10 police cars lining the street Jeannette and Matt live on... I have no idea why they were there but they were looking for something or someone with flashlights... I wasn't too worried... just annoyed that Bandit just stood at the front window barking at them... so I didn't get to sleep till 2:30am and I didn't go to church this morning.

Instead of church I watched Cinderella: Twist in Time new out on DVD... I got it from netflix... it was cute... the prince was lame though... Sleeping Beauty's Prince Phillip is still the best prince ever... he had a sense of humor... Cinderella's Prince is a ponce!

Anyways after watching the movie it got me thinking about Disneyland (well, the movie and the fact that I just won a bid on another pictorial guide from disneyland, and Jeannette's dog's name is Princess Aurora)... I am going to start a Disneyland album of all the trips to the magic kingdom so I have been going through all my pictures... I only have digital pictures from 2002, but my parents have actual prints of my first trip back in 1986 which I need to scan... but regardless here are a few of my favorites:

Friday, June 01, 2007

Harry Potter World!!

Universal studios announced it will be opening a Harry Potter section in Universal Studios Florida!! It will be completely dedicated to the world of Harry Potter with rides and attractions and what-not... click here to view the official website just opened!