Tuesday, June 19, 2007

my iPod is fixed

I took it down to the apple store and they fixed my iPod... I secretly was hoping it would be beyond repair and they would just have to give me a new one. But now I have until October still to break my iPod beyond repair. In other news I got to spend some time cleaning and unpacking my apartment. I even went around the house and took stock of what I needed to get to complete certain walls and empty table tops. I have post-its everywhere saying things like "mirror", "plant", "lamp", "art piece"... so now i have a list of things I need to be looking out for at thrift stores or Ikea.

I also got rid of more stuff from my dresser and closet of clothes that I won't wear again... a painful process, but a needed one. I did the same thing for my mom last week and we had a good laugh at the clothes that she had kept since the 80's. My clothes will now be up for grabs at the (fully clothed) Naked Lady party I am having with a couple friends!! Fun times... my stuff is mostly clothes although it is open to furniture, book, movies, housewares, etc... I am newly living on my own and don't have stuff to give away yet.

Maybe later I will post pictures of my new couch cover... it's darling.


linda t said...

Oooh, you got your new couch cover on!!! Can't wait to see it!

kristen said...

yes would love to see pic of your place!