Wednesday, February 17, 2010


How many of you out there in blog world are doing anything to observe lent??

I have never done it... I have talked about doing it... but have never actually committed to anything. I guess the pressure to do something isn't really there because as a non-denominational protestant, I have never been required to actually give something up for lent. But part of me has always been curious to do it.

I was brainstorming last night with my roommates about what I could give up to observe the 40 days leading up to Easter and I threw out some ideas. BUT the catch is... you are supposed to give something up that would take away from you spending time with God. Now, if I am being honest, I have been thinking of limiting my Facebook time (not giving it up entirely, but LIMITING). But, my roommate asked me if I'd really be using the time I would normally have been on facebook to spend time with God? Convicting... because the answer is probably no. I would probably try... and then I would fail... and then I would feel that lovely religious guilt. ugh.

So will I do it?? Lent starts today (with it being Ash Wednesday and all) and so for the next 40 days I SHOULD be limiting my time on facebook... but the honest truth is, I have already not been very good at it.

So here is what I ask from you... word of encouragement... What are your ideas on Lent? Will you observe it in any way? If so, what will you be giving up? If not, why?