Thursday, March 10, 2011

The smell of springtime...

I smelled it today!
As I was walking out of work today on my lunch break, I smelled the distinct smell that tells me it is spring time...
It is not the smell of flowers or a crisp breeze, but it is the smell of... ladybugs.

When I was little my family lived right around the corner from my elementary school. There was a girl in my neighborhood who lived a few streets down and was older than me. She actually babysat for us a bunch of times... but I first met her as she was walking by my house. She was carrying a gerbil cage filled with grass... and LADYBUGS!!! She told me that she would walk over to the elementary school, search around the grassy fields, and find as many lady bugs as she could and put them in her cage for safe keeping. As a 6 year old little girl... I was HOOKED!
The nicest thing ever is that she found me a gerbil cage also and we would walk down to the school together and crawl around in the grass and find hundreds and hundreds of ladybugs.

Now every time I smell that particular combination of dirt and grass and spring time, I think of ladybugs and remember a very magical adventure I had into the insect world.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tea Time...

One thing I would like to have in the new kitchen when I move is a tea station... well actually I would be content to just have a tea pot and cool mugs to drink tea out of... none of them have to match, I just want the perfect mugs.

I have a night off tonight :) No homework, no errands, nothing. I honored my free night with a cup of tea! Nicole made me this amazing tea syrup that I am still using in my tea. It is seriously delicious! The whole ritual of the evening was quite lovely! Drinking tea in my room with some girl scout cookies, starting the packing process and watching TV on my computer.

The packing process is coming along quite well, in that it is hardly coming along at all. I basically got out already packed boxes, went through them and added some more stuff to each one. It doesn't really look like much of a difference yet, but it is a process.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I'm moving!!

Very excited to announce that I will be moving to Gilbert, Arizona at the end of this month! My dear friend Elisabeth has bought and house and Me, her, and her sister, Nina will be living there together! I am so excited for this new season.
One thing I am looking forward to, aside from living with two AMAZING women, is nesting and decorating! I really want this house to feel like a home, and so I am taking the time to dream about decorations and things that will make is comfy and inviting. Elisabeth and I spend all day at work emailing back and forth about ideas.

One thing I am planning on is buying a new bed! I have had the same bed since I was 2 years old, and side from 2009 (when I lived in Europe and my parents guest room) I have slept in that bed. It was my Aunt Patty's bed until she passed away at 18 years old and when I came around years later, I was given her bedroom furniture. But as I move into a new house, I think it is time to store is and preserve it for when my daughter can sleep in it one day.
I want an iron bed frame and headboard. I'll just share some of my photo inspirations for my new room :)
LOVE the maps on the wall! I'll just have one on mine
This picture makes me thing of travel
I REALLY want a branch hanging above my bed
I want to do something like this above my bed
I also am very excited to be able to get some of my old home stuff out of storage in my parents' backyard shed and use it again! My couch, kitchen stuff, framed pictures, book shelves, etc.