Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tea Time...

One thing I would like to have in the new kitchen when I move is a tea station... well actually I would be content to just have a tea pot and cool mugs to drink tea out of... none of them have to match, I just want the perfect mugs.

I have a night off tonight :) No homework, no errands, nothing. I honored my free night with a cup of tea! Nicole made me this amazing tea syrup that I am still using in my tea. It is seriously delicious! The whole ritual of the evening was quite lovely! Drinking tea in my room with some girl scout cookies, starting the packing process and watching TV on my computer.

The packing process is coming along quite well, in that it is hardly coming along at all. I basically got out already packed boxes, went through them and added some more stuff to each one. It doesn't really look like much of a difference yet, but it is a process.

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Abi said...

mmm, gotta love down time with tea =)