Monday, July 30, 2007

Sometimes I forget I have a blog...

Sorry for the silence... but I want to make up for it by showing you one of the craziest music videos I have ever seen... it is just beyond words. And yet a great song.

Nicole, if you could please show this to Misty... I thought of her.

I enjoyed the dancing ninjas and the flying alter boys... I just don't understand and it scares me

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

HBP casting

New cast members for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince... Naomi Watts (Narcissa Malfoy), Joseph Fiennes (I bet you anything he plays the younger Tom Riddle Sr. - being Ralph Fiennes real-life brother and bearing the strong resemblence), and lastly Stuart Townsend (I gonna say either Fenrir Greyback or Bill Weasley - leaning more towards Bill if they can get his hair color right.)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Spent the entire weekend reading Harry Potter book 7. I didn't want to leave my house without finishing it for fear of any spoilers. So my dad and I spent Saturday afternoon till 1:30am this morning reading!!! It was really awesome to read with my dad... we would stop and share our theories (always trying to figure it out before the book revealed it), It was also really fun to react with someone when something happened - including me jumping around the room in excitement, and also having to hand off the book a couple times because I was crying too hard. With that said I will enjoy telling my kids that Grandpa and I spent two entire days held up in the house reading Harry Potter (something I would love to do with my kids too). It was really fun!!!

Now onto the book - I WAS PERFECT!!!! I could not have written a more perfect and wonderfully amazing stupendous ending!!! I wouldn't change a single thing because it was flawless!!! I laughed hysterically, cried uncontrollably, and beamed from ear to ear throughout the whole thing!! I am going to start reading it again!!

Oh also in honor of "Harry Potter Weekend" I bought my dad and I each a pack of Berti-Botts Every Flavor Bean - based on the candy from the book - they have all types of flavors from marshmallow, lemon drop, earwax, sardine, dirt, cherry, earthwarm, blueberry, and vomit. The worst I tried before giving up due to uncontrollable gag reflex were sardine and to my dad and mine's entertainment buttered popcorn... I heard Wild Flower Bread Company was selling pumpkin Pasties and butterbeers on friday and somewhere you could buy chocolate frogs, althought I couldn't find any.

I had a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Quota time...

So work has certain sites filtered so I have to use quota time to view them... eonline, imdb, hpana, etc were all filtered. Things like your blogs were not filtered... now it has completely switched!!! your blogs are blocked and so I can only view them for 50 minutes per day. Sad times.

I am 3/4 of the way through Harry Potter book 6. It'll be a fast read from here on out.

I am seeing Hairspray this saturday with Kendra... AWESOME!!! I am listening to the soundtrack in preparation. I want to play Penny so badly!!!

My apartment is messy, but every moment is spent reading, so I will have to wait till I am done with book 6 to pick up the house... it that obsessive of me? I mean it is not disgusting, just not tidy... okay don't judge me!!!

I have one last class today and then I have office hours the rest of the week. YAY.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Harry Potter and a rain storm...

who could ask for more. I am sitting here curled up in my comfy chair circa 1960's that has no arm rests so I can sit cross-legged. It is position next to my big picture window where just outside I can hear the rain beating down on the hot pavement... this moment makes me happy. My heart seems to purr that I live a pretty sweet life. I am desperately trying to finish the 6th book of Harry Potter so as to be ready for the 7th and final book this weekend, but I am only halfway through and with the week ahead of me and my proclivity to get sleepy when reading, I am slow going.

went shopping today... I LOVE SHOPPING!!! I got some new clothes at Old Navy because they are having a GINORMOUS SALE right now... and Kohl's finally had my white tank tops in so I bought two... I am so excited to wear a new outfit tomorrow.

So I have had a very pleasant evening to be more pleasant by a visit to my favorite place... Hogwarts.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Sharing...

shared this morning as part of John's message. Glad it is over... it was an awesome process to sort through my heart and brain and figure out what God has taught me... very therapeutic!

So it was basically about the "dreaming" blog from a couple weeks ago... but if you weren't there and you want to listen to it go here.

It probably won't be up for a day or so... but keep checking.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter OotP

Saw the movie last night... LOVED IT!!!!! Pure magic... literaly. Umbridge and Luna were cast superbly and Bellatrix was absolutely fabulously evil!!!! I am so pleased! I need to see it again now, because like all the other HP movies I have sat through them a little on edge praying that it won't be horrible! So now that I know it wasn't horrible at all I will enjoy it more the second time thru.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Harry Potter theory...

I am watching a special on A&E about Harry Potter and a theory has struck me.

I am reading the 6th book in preparation for the 7th book coming in two weeks, and I have picked up a lot of ideas about things that are going to happen in the last book of the series... The big specualtion is that Harry is going to die at the end of the book. A big reasoning for this is because Harry is in fact a horcrux and must die in order to kill Voldemort... here is my theory - Harry is not the Horcrux... just his SCAR is. They talk about his scar being very special and only coming from being touched by dark magic... He can always sense when something is up with Voldemort through his scar... and the last word in the book (JK rowlings has said) is "scar". So I think Harry's scar will be gone but Harry will live in the end of Deathly Hollows. I don't think JK is going to kill Harry - it isn't her writing style... the nature of the way the book is written wouldn't kill off a main character. Now Amy, you may contradict me because I am no literary scholar, but I just don't see Harry dieing in the end (hence my scar theory).

Another "pro-Snape" theory is that Dumbledore put him in the Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching position knowing that the post can only be filled for a year at a time due to the curse Tom Riddle placed upon the teaching position. Dumbledore knew Snape would be leaving the school by the end of the year... I still think Dumbledore had Snape kill him for reasons of his own and that Snape is still good inside - he just has issues with Harry. I think Snape also was in love with Lily and that is why he hated James so much and why he switched sides from Death Eater to Order of the Phoenix after her death.

None of you guys really care - I know... Amy you may appreciate what I am saying. But I had to share my ideas.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

"More than Meets the Eye"

Saw transformers last night.... I can honestly say that I have not been as impressed by any other movie this year than I was by Transformers!!!! It was awesome. Going into it thinking like most others did that the special effects would be pretty awesome, but the plot line mediocre, I was amazed at everything. The special effects blow your mind and the plot is actually legit and easy to follow! I was smiling ear to ear and even clapped at certain points, it was so incredible!!!

I also loved the subtle GI Joe tie-in. I had forgotten that GI Joe and Transformers often crossed over in their storylines until I read about the franchise on wikidepia. So the movie incorporating the American armed forces makes so much sense... I recommend everyone go and see it. It is the surprise hit of the summer I am telling you!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Lazy July 4th

It is days like these that I love... I slept in this morning... spent time rearranging my second bedroom - still don't have it the way I like it, but I am playing around with stuff. Then I ran errands... Office Max and Fry's. I have been passionately in love with a Whole Foods sandwhich (that I created myself), but it comes to about $7, which is creating a huge whole in my wallet after eating there so often. So I was determined to create it myself. I found a recipe online for a pesto aioli spread (which was the only thing I couldn't find readymade in the grocery store... so I popped in and got all the ingredients!! I came home, turned on the food channel (because you have to cook with the food channel on) and made my sandwhich to perfection Turkey, Swiss, cucumbers, lettuce, red onion, and pesto aioli spread on grilled french roll (George Forman, i love you)- I am quite the cook if I must say.

So now I am watching National Treasure (in honor of July 4th) and enjoying my lunch. Later this evening I am heading over to the parentals for the night to hang out and possibly catch Transformers on the big screen... I have been hearing very good things.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

For Aaron

Aaron - you'll be very proud of me... I watched Boondock Saints this evening... just finished actually. I can now call myself and american (which is nice seeing as July 4th is tomorrow)... Awesome movie... true sense of juctice... and the irish accents - especially Sean Patrick Flanery made the movie a pleasure to watch... lot's of blood and language so not for the faint of heart... but man I feel all riled up now I want to form a vigilanty group!

They are also planning a sequel with everyone coming back except Willem Dafoe... should be stellar.

Monday, July 02, 2007

a lot of dreaming...

So I have no idea what God has in store for me, but I feel like He is preparing me for something... The last 3-4 weeks at work have just been odd. There has been a low morale as well as a lot of shifting in employees, duties, etc. (which I don't handle well). On top of that the messages in church the last couple of weeks have been about taking risks, living life, being young... It has been really speaking to my heart. I am 22 years old and I am already working a 40 hour a week job, living on my own, paying bills, being a grown up. I love my life and wanted everything I have and God has blessed me with a security I didn't think I would have, but I am starting to feel restless. I have settled into stability a little too soon. This is my time and I need to take advantage of my youth and the freedom I have right now. I am not married, I don't have responsibilities or obligations right now, so I should take full advantage of that. So I have started dreaming again... asking myself where I feel my heart is being called - no logic or rationale needed - I am going full on "the passion of my heart and the desires of my eyes" (Eccl. 11:9). I have no idea what God has in store for me... I don't know how I got here... I just know that there is more I am meant for than teaching massage... so pray for me as I dream that my heart would be protected and my steps guided by "Him who is able to do imeasurably more than we ask or imagine."