Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Sharing...

shared this morning as part of John's message. Glad it is over... it was an awesome process to sort through my heart and brain and figure out what God has taught me... very therapeutic!

So it was basically about the "dreaming" blog from a couple weeks ago... but if you weren't there and you want to listen to it go here.

It probably won't be up for a day or so... but keep checking.


NanAZ said...

Miranda, You did an awesome job! Made me cry from like the first few sentences...of course! I'm still trying to dream with you about your Europe trip. (It's always been a dream of mine too.) I hope you have a chance to do that with someone really fun! And if you don't find a traveling partner, you could just go and visit some missionaries and they'd be happy to show you around, plus it would be safer than being on your own. We know missionaries in France, Germany & Spain and even have some friends of friends in Ireland. Let us know if you'd like us to connect with them.

Go for your dreams...Love you girl!

Kevun said...

Hey miranda, I listened to what you shared. Good job going out on a limb and sharing something you weren't totally comfortable with yet. It also seems like if we focus on and talk about our dreams and goals it makes it easier to realize them.