Thursday, July 05, 2007

"More than Meets the Eye"

Saw transformers last night.... I can honestly say that I have not been as impressed by any other movie this year than I was by Transformers!!!! It was awesome. Going into it thinking like most others did that the special effects would be pretty awesome, but the plot line mediocre, I was amazed at everything. The special effects blow your mind and the plot is actually legit and easy to follow! I was smiling ear to ear and even clapped at certain points, it was so incredible!!!

I also loved the subtle GI Joe tie-in. I had forgotten that GI Joe and Transformers often crossed over in their storylines until I read about the franchise on wikidepia. So the movie incorporating the American armed forces makes so much sense... I recommend everyone go and see it. It is the surprise hit of the summer I am telling you!!

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