Monday, July 16, 2007

Harry Potter and a rain storm...

who could ask for more. I am sitting here curled up in my comfy chair circa 1960's that has no arm rests so I can sit cross-legged. It is position next to my big picture window where just outside I can hear the rain beating down on the hot pavement... this moment makes me happy. My heart seems to purr that I live a pretty sweet life. I am desperately trying to finish the 6th book of Harry Potter so as to be ready for the 7th and final book this weekend, but I am only halfway through and with the week ahead of me and my proclivity to get sleepy when reading, I am slow going.

went shopping today... I LOVE SHOPPING!!! I got some new clothes at Old Navy because they are having a GINORMOUS SALE right now... and Kohl's finally had my white tank tops in so I bought two... I am so excited to wear a new outfit tomorrow.

So I have had a very pleasant evening to be more pleasant by a visit to my favorite place... Hogwarts.

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linda t said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I listened to your sharing online and you were sooo awesome Miranda! I know, I heard you at Ist service, but I wanted to hear you online from 2nd service! You made me cry again, especially what Randy said when you were done sharing... yes, they even had what Randy shared online! Cool!