Tuesday, July 03, 2007

For Aaron

Aaron - you'll be very proud of me... I watched Boondock Saints this evening... just finished actually. I can now call myself and american (which is nice seeing as July 4th is tomorrow)... Awesome movie... true sense of juctice... and the irish accents - especially Sean Patrick Flanery made the movie a pleasure to watch... lot's of blood and language so not for the faint of heart... but man I feel all riled up now I want to form a vigilanty group!

They are also planning a sequel with everyone coming back except Willem Dafoe... should be stellar.

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Aaron said...

Finally! Welcome to the club -- the vigilante club. This "sequel" has been in the works for ages, and I would actually prefer it remain that way. We didn't need any more "Matrixes" (I thought using the proper term, "matrices", might be confusing") and we don't need anymore Saints.