Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Spent the entire weekend reading Harry Potter book 7. I didn't want to leave my house without finishing it for fear of any spoilers. So my dad and I spent Saturday afternoon till 1:30am this morning reading!!! It was really awesome to read with my dad... we would stop and share our theories (always trying to figure it out before the book revealed it), It was also really fun to react with someone when something happened - including me jumping around the room in excitement, and also having to hand off the book a couple times because I was crying too hard. With that said I will enjoy telling my kids that Grandpa and I spent two entire days held up in the house reading Harry Potter (something I would love to do with my kids too). It was really fun!!!

Now onto the book - I WAS PERFECT!!!! I could not have written a more perfect and wonderfully amazing stupendous ending!!! I wouldn't change a single thing because it was flawless!!! I laughed hysterically, cried uncontrollably, and beamed from ear to ear throughout the whole thing!! I am going to start reading it again!!

Oh also in honor of "Harry Potter Weekend" I bought my dad and I each a pack of Berti-Botts Every Flavor Bean - based on the candy from the book - they have all types of flavors from marshmallow, lemon drop, earwax, sardine, dirt, cherry, earthwarm, blueberry, and vomit. The worst I tried before giving up due to uncontrollable gag reflex were sardine and to my dad and mine's entertainment buttered popcorn... I heard Wild Flower Bread Company was selling pumpkin Pasties and butterbeers on friday and somewhere you could buy chocolate frogs, althought I couldn't find any.

I had a great weekend.


ATS said...

i wouldn't say flawless, there were definitely some errors, and other things that could have been better, but it certainly was very good. ... I'm just about done reading it for the 2nd time.

Nicole T said...

I am so glad you guys had an awesome time! We missed you at the Lynchs, but ours was nothing that can't be re-lived, Harry 7 only comes out once! What a special bond between you and your dad, I must admit Im jealous.

NanAZ said...

Yes, jealous too of the time and special bond you have with your dad. I never knew my dad like that.

We sat next to a family at dinner tonight that was on vacation as well. The youngest girl (age 9 or so) was carrying around "the book". They planned their vacation around HP and bought the book on tape and have been listening to it all weekend together in the car as they've been driving. I told them about all of you guys taking time out of your normal schedules to read it and about Amy doing her thesis about HP. They were thoroughly impressed. I think Ted (Hann) reads the books with his kids too.