Friday, June 29, 2007

Nasty plumbing

there was disgusting god-knows-what coming out of my bathtub drain last night after I took a shower!!! It was one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen! Called my landlord and he told me he would check it out in the morning... so this morning @ 5:30am I wake up to use the restroom only to discover that the same thing was happening to my toilet... I gagged! Couldn't go back to sleep from disgust... so I got up and cleaned... washed the dishes (kitchen sink drain is fine)... got my dirty laundry together... My landlord came over and said he'd call the plumber straight away. So I left for work 15 minutes early and came home 6 hours later to a perfectly working bathroom. I love quick plumbing service!

Here is a picture of my couch... It's very nice to lay on and watch movies... super fun!


NanAZ said...

Looks very soft and comfy...and won't show the dirt. I love that!

Aaron said...

Man, there's nothing better than leaving home with an annoying plumbing problem, only to return to a well-functioning system. One of the many...or is it few?...perks of being a renter.