Saturday, January 20, 2007

Going to look for a new car today with my dad... it is time. Edi is dying, and as sad as it is to admit it... he is. He has been a good car, both to my grandparents and myself. Just a couple of weeks ago he passed the 100,000 mile mark - little trouper. The paint is peeling, the gas pedal sometimes sticks so when I am wanting to take a left hand turn, he sometimes hesitates in the actually get-up-and-go, and with on-soming traffic, it is like playing "chicken". Then when he is really tired sometimes he doesn't start at all... not a click or a engine rev or anything. But I love him, and the air conditioning and heater are phenominal... the seats are comfortable. I will miss him dearly when I trade him in.

I love naming things and Edi's full name is Edinburgh Reginald Von Dodge... very proper... he's ghetto, but a name gives him distinction. It also was a reminder that I will one day go to Europe and actually stay in Edinburgh for a time. What a great car.

Some pictures of when I first got him...
I was just starting my freshman year in college... 2 1/2 years ago.
Look mom, no hands!!

*** the tag at the top of the windshield allows my car onto Luke Air Force base... Awesome! Thanks Papaw!


Kevun said...

sad times. I think my car is only 10,000 miles from the 100,000 mile mark. you should probably name your next car Bambi, or Bambino, depending on the sex.

Amy said...

Andrew's car didn't start this morning ... sad times. ... What kind of car are you looking for?