Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I am going to form a new club!!! It will be called the "I'm still in my 20's and act like an old lady" either that or "Old Lady Club"... the name is still up in the air and will be decided later. The reason behind my club formation: my day began with Martha Stewart Living and cereal. Then I watched a couple episodes of the Office before heading out for a walk for about an hour and a half. Then I came home and watched more of the office while deep cleaning half my apartment (the other half will be completed tomorrow). The climax of my momentous day was watching more of the office while starting a puzzle... THAT'S RIGHT A PUZZLE!!!! Tomorrow will probably be filled with more of the same. I am such an old woman it isn't even funny!


ATS said...

can I join?

kristen said...

I am so in that club...every morning I have to turn on the weather channel and then it stays on for about an hour! I can't believe I just admitted that!

linda t said...

I am laughing so hard! Tooo funny!
Yes, I believe your actions qualify you as a charter member for sure!
Just don't start talking about your aches and pains and getting all bound up from not eating enough roughage! That would too much information, even at your age.