Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some pictures...

This blog is in serious need of art... so here are some fav pictures from the season:

Nicole, baby and I at Jeremy's wedding

Mom and Stacy at our "Christmas Eve Group" Party

I did not make all this... but I helped set it up

All the pretty lights and ornaments

Christmas Eve kids picture

Lunch with friends from high school. Jenna and her husband were in town

This is John Lynch at Joel and Misty's Christmas Vacation Party... there are no more words.

Thompson cousins caroling...

Mom and dad

Mamaw and Papaw... they are so cute

Christmas Eve breakfast with Shawn and Nicole

Matchy Matchy brothers... with they keychains

Christmas money!!! Yay!! My hair is awful!

Christmas Day Dinner with Nicole's family

I taught myself a song on Winston's new guitar... the song and it's simplicity is irrelevent.

Mom and me

My presents!!! Look at all those movies!


kristen said...

finally pictures...looks like you had a very merry christmas. miss you guys!

NanAZ said...

Great pics, except John! That's just frightening!

I need to get busy posting some of ours from the last week too.