Wednesday, December 05, 2007

heater is fixed, but...

my computer is acting funny. I installed Leopard last week (Mac's new operating system) and now it says I have very little disk space to download songs and general files and what-not... this totally sucks!! I may have to take it to the apple store and have them tell me what the heck is happening (I do have connections there), or take it to my dad and have him fiddle around with it. Either way it all just makes me very uneasy.

Went to my Mark Williams book launch party last night. It was fantastic!! I can't wait to start reading his book... hopefully sometime today!! I am so excited for him and this huge accomplishment. His whole family was so excited too!

In other news: 3 more days till I am in Disneyland!!!! Yippie! So excited to ring in the Christmas season at the happiest place on earth. I'm going with The Call (church college aged group)!!!

In other other news: just a week and a half until my vacation!!! Hallelujah!!!! I am needing to have this amazing break to rest and relax.

That is all... wish my posts were more thrilling.

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Anonymous said...

Miranda, tell us about the new "guy"!!!