Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random day off...

Fun random day off work. Gave dad a massage, shopped for apartment (got awesome throw pillows... pictures to come), cleaned, and got to hang out with Ashley and Shannon... shopped for the perfect cocktail dress... I finally remembered to grab my camera and got some pictures of our adventures... enjoy

Shannon with Ashley's glasses... stylin'

Our driver... paying attention to the road...


Cool cloud picture

In the fitting room at Marshalls

Then we came home and made mojitos... yum.

Bought the album "Little Voice" by Sara Bareilles off of iTunes today (would I still call it an album if I just bought the MP3s?) I have had 4 songs dowloaded already from the album but I finally got the whole thing and listened to it... AMAZING. I love her voice, her writing style, her musical style... just wonderful!!

1 comment:

linda t said...

Waaay cute girls!
What a great storm pic! How did I miss that?!
Gotta hear your new artist pick... always fun to hear sounds.
Did you get a new charger? I'm off today if you want to come by and use mine.