Saturday, August 04, 2007

Faith & Tim

The concert was absolutely incredible!!! Stephanie and I were so close to the stage I could have been drenched in sweat if I would have taken a step forward!!! After leaving from Mesa at 7pm to make the 8pm show we didn't show up to the Arena (formerly known as Glendale Arena) until 8:15... ugh!!! But no worry the opening act was on and we hadn't missed a thing!!!! So we head on down to our seats and realize just how close 5th row is-a mere 20 feet from the stage!!! The stage lay out was in the center of the arena and had four catwalks extending from the four sides of the stage. The performers would come out from the center of the stage trap door of sorts.

So to start off the concert after the opening act Faith & Tim did a cover of Snow Patrol's Chasing cars (not a great song for them to cover, but still). Then Faith did her whole set which was so great! Great song selection - all the best. Then she finished with Mississippi Girl and went off stage. Without a break at all the both of them came out and sang a couple of their duets. Then Tim did his set! Now I have to be honest I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Tim McGraw's set even more than Faith's... he really knows how to get the crowd excited and in an uproar!! And man is he very nice to look at!!! I had so much fun!!!!!!!

Stephanie and I before the concert!!

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