Friday, August 24, 2007

sick day

Called in sick to work today... felt like poo when I woke up - sinus pressure, sore throat, drainage, yuck. So I slept it off. I still feel stuffy and blah, but I am up and moving. I have Days of our Lives playing on the TV as I type... I guess you could say this is my soap. Stefano is back... who knew!! It's like I can go for years without watching this bloody show and watch one episode and I am completely caught up. Quality storylines... (gag).

So here is my apartment in pictures including some favorite vingettes:

First stop - living room

New throw pillows

Designer tissue box... livingroom decor inspiration

Dining room and kitchen:
light is from Ikea

Art work from Big Lots


My bedroom... rather barren. Its my next decorating project.

Jewelry hook on the other side of the mirror

Also discovered this hole in my window in the living room... covered it with tape so bugs and hot air doesn't get it... it is actually just the size of a pin... but bummer.

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kristen said...

Okay thanks for the pics of the place I love looking in peoples homes...okay that sounds bad but I bet you get it! okay first off love your living room curtains tell me where you found those (please don't say "oh a thrift store") I want some! and second I really really want a glass hand and still haven't found the perfect one yet. love yours! You have great taste! Hoping to go to ikea in a couple weeks so I can get going on finally finishing my house. Question...Are you happy with quality of ikea's stuff? I don't have much but man its cheap so I just was wondering! well sorry so long miss ya!