Friday, August 10, 2007

kid's dinner

A week ago Shawn and Nicole came over for dinner and Nicole made up a delicious stir fry. It started lightly raining and so we decided to eat outside on the patio surrounded by the rain. It as really fun and we had some laughs of course. We then settled back inside for a trip down memory lane continuing our venture through childhod videos. Found some good ones of my dad's 40th birthday party... seeing the Lynch's, Warrens, Walberers, etc over 15 years ago was hilarious. Enjoy the pictures of our kid's dinner.

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NanAZ said...

Oh my gosh, did Tyler get his hair cut? I was looking at the first pic saying, "Who's that guy that Miranda's not telling us about?" I can't believe Tyler looks so grown up (and handsome)! Of course all of you are so good looking anyway... Sounds like you guys had fun while Mom and Dad were gone.