Friday, August 10, 2007

Girly day...

After a busy week at work, I have neglected my blog - no surprise I know, I stink and the blog updates.

Got paid today... I love days like that. So what did I do? I went and got a hair cut, headed on over to ulta and for the first like in my life I bought some decorative make-up... I have never bought stuff like eye shadow or blush before. I usually stick to the bear essentials: foundations, mascara, chapstick... So because I spent a certain amount of money on specifically ulta products I got a gift bag of products worth $65 for free!!! YAY!!! Here is my loot

Also my hair

(I know it isn't drastic, but it is shorter and lays so nicely... I love it!)

I also registered for an 8 week class at MCC that starts in 2 weeks. Awesome!! I am actually excited to be a student again. The class is His100 which starts at the dawn of time so to speak and goes until the middle ages... my favorite time period because we'll cover rome, greece, etc, etc. I really am excited!

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kristen said...

your hair rocks!love ya