Monday, August 13, 2007

Good Night...

I am sitting in my apartment watching Sex and the City while it thunders outside - AWESOME!!!
Work was fun tonight. In Injury class I lead the whole class through hands on stroke by stroke and as everyone works Leah (my awesome TA) and I walk around and make sure they are doing it right. Well this is the graduating night class and so after almost a year of massage school there is a minimal amount of correction going on so Leah and I are left to our own vices and ways of entertaining ourselves... So my way this evening was to lead them through the hands-on time in an English accent... super fun and kept the class alert and paying attention of course. It also made everyone laugh, which is a plus. It seemed that the campus was in a joking mood today - this afternoon Jonnie placed a fart machine (that I confiscated several quarters ago) in class and during hands-on time kept making it do off... made us all crack up. The mood was a welcome change for the regular melancholy that permeates among the faculty... I had a fun day.

Tomorrow I am having some friends over for food and fun times. I hope everyone else is having a great week so far!!

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