Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I'm in a Disneyland state of mind...

I found an ad campaign launched by the Disneyland Paris resort called "Get rid of your bad dreams" I have no idea the logic behind the ad campaign... I'm assuming they are saying Disneyland Paris will get rid of bad dreams, but I don't fully understand. Disneyland Paris is so odd! hahaha

But can I tell you, I seriously think these pictures are SO CUTE!!!
This little girl looks like Boo from Monsters Inc
I laughed out loud at this one... I just imagine the look of determination on the little boys face
I need a trip to Disneyland PRONTO!!!


Chris said...

Disneyland Paris is getting a Monsters Inc E-Ticket in the near future. I think they are hinting :)

Suzy said...

So, Miranda... I followed your journal link to look at the gorgeous dresses you posted, and I just saw this post about you wanting to go to Disneyland. I SO wish I had seen it sooner! And regret that I didn't. :/ I would have invited you to come along with us!!