Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ASU will not deter me...

I promised I would keep up the blogging and I will! I just wanted to stop in and say that the fall semester at ASU has begun and is now in full swing... well maybe not FULL swing, it is kind of a wobbly swing if you ask me. ASU's online hub "Blackboard" has been intermittently down all week therefore preventing me from properly being able to deal with my 3 online classes. Luckily my professors of course understand (since they too are experiencing the Blackboard blackouts) and have cancelled due dates of given extensions. whew!

I am really enjoying classes so-far though. I am determined to keep up on the readings and thankfully I have found all my textbooks to be actually interesting! My favorite so far has been my History of Christianity textbook. I had to read 40 pages on the ministry of the Apostles as seen in Acts from a historical perspective!! Awesome! I like that this textbook somewhat likes Christianity and it is great at explaining the theological basis of the religion and how that played into its spread throughout Europe and Asia minor... anyways, Im sure I've lost most of you, but know that I am eating it up. I can't wait to read more!
My French Revolution class is great! I had studied the same time period in England last semester, so the fact that the first part of our reading was about France's relationship with England was incredibly helpful! It also overlaps a bit with my American Revolution class, so I am getting the info from many different places. It helps it sink in.
My American Revolution class and my two English Lit classes are all online... so they are little hard for me to follow cause I don't like not having a professor to listen to face to face. But I am getting by!

I hope this semester is great! It will definitely be busy and full, but I like it like that! I am ready to be busy for a change... summer was TOO lazy for me at times.

Alright... Since I don't have any pictures to post along with the stuff about ASU, I'll just post pictures of my niece!
Emolyn & I
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