Sunday, August 22, 2010

I need a new look...

I am in desperate need of new clothes!! I weeded through my closet (as I occasionally do) of things I hadn't worn in forever. I am a firm believer that if you haven't worn something for the last six months (minus those that are seasonally specific - ie sweaters and coats) or if you look at it and your first thought is "eh", then you shouldn't keep it. So after I cleaned out old unwanted clothes, I noticed that all I had left were t-shirts and tank tops... nothing exciting... nothing stylish... I am a boring dresser. And the clothes I had gotten rid of were also not cute... so I need new clothes! I am determined to dress with more style and flare. I love the clothes at forever21, H&M, etc, but when I go shopping there I tend to get basic Ts and tanks ALL THE TIME!!! Well no more! I have recently discovered - a website where everyday people post their cute stylish outfits. Some of them are ridiculous and I would never wear them, but some of the pieces are cute! So I am drawing inspiration from there. Here are some cute outfits I found -
I'm a fan of blazers
The necklace is strange, but the dress is adorable!
really wish I could pull off aviators
I actually just like the bag and blazer in this picture... and maybe the necklace
maybe not the shoes or tights... but the rest if super cute!
So hopefully I can stick to my oath of not buying anymore plain t-shirts for a while...


kristen said...

I think you dress adorable!! But I often feel the same way you do about my clothes...I just don't part with them as easy as you...I am a hoarder in that area:( I am going to have to check out that website:) The strange owl necklace looks a lot like the one I wore to Erica's wedding;) But I have always been a little strange! ha!

brandi said...

you might like this blog
She has a fashion week and everything,(plus she's funny)!

Amy Moore said...

I can say that I 100% agree with you and I will go into this closet makeover with you. I just ordered clothes from Forever because I went to the store and almost fainted at how much stuff they have there!!! I have also been looking for a nice fitting blazer too, so thats cool you included a blazer picture! Forever 21 has a ton, but a lot of them have huge shoulder pads..... :( Good luck Miranda!

Nicole T said...

opposite, love the owl necklace hate the dress. sorry!