Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer of babies!!!

So I didn't only travel this summer... there were also lots of babies being born - actually just 2... but still it was a summer full of babies and baby showers :)

First up was Jack Matthew-
me & Baby Jack
He was such a peanut! Proud parents Meredith & Andy were so excited for his arrival! All of us girls were excited to have another little boy around! He is so cute!!

Next up was this third little boy in our group! Spencer William -
me & Baby Spencer
My beautiful friend Jeannette!
Spencer William
Some of the girls! The other ones were there earlier so they have a different picture :)
This brings the total in our girls group to 6!!!
Me, Kelsie w/ Rori, Jeannette w/ Madi (Spencer in her tummy), Meredith w/ Jack, Jessica w/ Eli, and Nicole w/ Emolyn (Baby girl in her tummy) - we're missing Sarah & Tara
We definitely have our hands full!!
Up next is Baby girl Thompson in October! I am spending the day with Miss Emolyn Kate and when I look at my beautiful niece it is hard to imagine that I will love another little girl so completely! But I already do!
Me & Em
Emolyn Kate & me!!

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