Friday, January 25, 2008

Channel 21

I have recently been limited by the amount of channels I am able to watch on my television due to the fact that my free cable has been inexplicably turned off. Well this afternoon while I sat eating my lunch in my living room, I flipped through the channels and stumbled upon Channel 21. I don't like channel 21... it makes me despair at the christian culture. Why don't I just erase channel 21 from my programming? well every so often I stumble upon something worth while... like the "smiling Jesus" movie which airs around easter, or a retro Michael W Smith music video (I know these occasions are too rare to still justify my viewing, but it also has to do with the same reason I feel guilty about deleting those chain emails that claim you don't love God unless you forward to 10 extra people). Anyways... my point: I stopped on Channel 21 because John Eldredge was on being interviewed by some smiley southern couple. If you don't know who John Eldredge is, you are sorely missing out. He is the author of such books as Captivating, Sacred Romance, and Wild at Heart (which I am currently reading and LOVING it). I love this man and his wife... they are so amazing and through their writing God speaks to my heart and my passions!! John was talking about his book "The Way of the Wild Heart" which is a book about the healing process of how a boy - or a man - becomes a man. He said something that stuck with me... and I don't know why exactly yet, but I'm sure it'll be important to me later... he said that the church and the christian culture in general is "striving to he Holy without being whole." They are skipping the healing process and trying to jump straight to Holiness, which is where we get disheartened and fall into the cycle of sin.

God just really blessed me this morning by allowing me to listen to this incredible man talk about how God loves me!!

And now I can truly start my day!


kristen said...

I love those books!

NanAZ said...

I feel the same way about channel 21, but I guess there must be moments, like the one you experienced, that are worthwhile. And we can't forget that the TrueFaced guys were on one of those shows that airs on channels like 21 all over the country...and it has touched people's lives.