Thursday, December 21, 2006

Okay so I am reading the official sequel to Peter Pan as determined by The Great Ormond Street Hospital in London (they own the rights to JM Barrie's Peter Pan). It was just released in October I believe... I am three chapters in and I absolutely LOVE it. Peter Pan is one of my favorite books because it has such wit and innocence to the writing. This book has the same voice in the pages. The author is Geraldine McCaughrean and the book is called Peter Pan in Scarlet. I recommend Peter Pan first and formost as a definite read, and as far as I can see in this book I will be recommending... just give me time to finish it.

A movie is also going to be made of the book... I am excited!!! I just love Peter Pan!!!!

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Amy said...

I heard about the contest for the sequel ... I didn't realize it had come out already!