Saturday, December 23, 2006

I have a head cold... and I have to sing on Christmas eve... a solo no less. My back hurts because I have been scrapping straight since 11am... I must finish this album by tomorrow because I don't want to have to scrap on Christmas Day if I don't have to.

Aside from that I am in good spirits... I am hoping the rain from yesterday returns on Christmas Day... if I can't have snow, then I want over-cast skies and rain.

I had full day yesterday of friend catch-up day! In the morning I went with my little friend Savannah to see Charlotte's Web... precious movie. I totally cried at the end (I won't tell you the end although I think you all know already... I made the mistake this morning of telling my mom thinking she knew the story of Charlotte's web, but she didn't and she was sad I told her). The yesterday afternoon was sitting and talking with Aaron and Ashley Mertz - a brother/sister duo to be rivaled... I love spending time with them, because we laugh over almost anything and so my jokes never fail regardless of their stupidity. I love them both to pieces. Then last night I spent time with my friend Joel... it was fun, we looked at Christmas lights (first time I have been able to do that this year). Then we went to the 9pm showing of The Good Shepherd... BAD IDEA!!! The movie is hella-long and BORING!!!!!!!I was so disappointed, I actually considered walking out over sheer boredom.
I have realized I cannot walk out of movies, because I hope they will redeem themselves in the end... this one never did. I couldn't follow the plot, the directing was amature (no continuity, silly superimposed shots, and absolutely no climax of any kind in the montone plotline)... can you tell how much I didn't like this film. so I suggest you not waste your money in seeing it. I was disappointed in Robert DeNiro for bringing us this story... it made me sad, and angry at our country on some level.

Tonight it Rice Night though... a tradition of friend bringing food from their prospective homelands to share with each other. My mom makes her yummy Swedish Meatballs which are currently smelling up the house as I type. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow... I was looking forward to a possible Christmas without allergies... alas no such luck.

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NanAZ said...

Sounds like Terry may have a cold too. Did you give it to him? I guess you'll be sniffling together tonight. Sorry to hear that...