Monday, December 11, 2006

... sigh or relief....

I am done with classes for the rest of the year. I taught my last class this evening, and it was great. I gave my last final this afternoon and it went great! Now the rest of the week is grading and helping other instructors end their classes! Yippy!!!

I do have some retake finals to get out of the way... but for the most part I am home free until January 2nd.

I am working on a photo album of my Aunt Patty. Patty was my dad's little sister and she died when she was 18... She was such an amazing woman... I am having so much fun look through all of her stuff. She loved writing her favorite quotes down so I have tons of napkins and scraps of paper that have beautiful poems and famous quotes all over them. I also have a substantial stack of pictures of just Patty and my dad - they were so close. This picture is my favorite... I still should photo shop it a little bit... but isn't my bad precious. And the look on Patty's face is priceless!!! So cute!

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linda t said...

Ooooh, my Randy is soooo cute!
He's so "Great Gatsby" looking... and that look...
I LOVE, LOVE this pic!