Monday, December 18, 2006

I have gotten absolutely no email today... nor has anyone called me... I haven't even received junk mail... odd.

I scrapped yesterday and made a huge dent in my album about Aunt Patty... I should definitely have it done by Christmas... Awesome!!!

I had quite the day at work... I was completely bored all morning and then after lunch I decided to be a good co-worker and ask if anyone needed help with their jobs... I filed, organized, staples, hole-punched, boxed books, moved heavy boxes filled with books... and then moved them all back. My arms and back hurt so bad... you'd think working at a massage school would get me some massage love, but no one has the time with graduation coming up.

Well in thanks of my diligent work all day today, my boss told me I could 1.) wear jeans tomorrow (YES!!!) and 2.) I only had to come in for a couple hours if I cleaned the instructors' office... that's it. AWESOME!!! I feel like I have been productive!

(I just killed a bug on my keyboard... eeewwww)

Oh... and check out my mom's blog about her birthday party!!! Awesome fun!


Amy said...

i didn't get any email or phone calls yesterday either ... so sad.

Amy said...

I was planning on scrapping Thursday -- during the day -- if you're not busy ...