Sunday, November 26, 2006

Need a new hair cut!

I have decided that for the holiday season I need a new hair cut... I want to make an appointment for wednesday morning... here is the style I want. What do you think?

then i think i'm gonna dye it dark brown... can you see it?


linda t said...

Cute, Cute!
Go for it!

erin said...

i can totally see it and i LOOOOVE it.. i think the cut is so adorable and you have a face to wear it so well.. and it would be very cute dark brown.. mmmmhmm.. and maybe you could get a color that has some natural highlights in it that are reddish or something goldish.. last time.. i used the loreal paris natural match in dark natural brown.. and its a good color. = )
do it!!! i will be disappointed if you don't.

NanAZ said...

I think it will be a great cut for you!

Go for it!

Amy said...