Thursday, August 17, 2006

reading decision...

After none of you commented about my reading choices, I was left to my own vices to determine what to do and which book to read... decision: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire... I know, I know I have read it twice already, but I think finishing that book will build the momentum to finish the other books faster... so that is what I am going to do... more than likely I will be finished with the book in a week anyways.

Onto other info... my parents are rather disappointed that although they have made these wonderful blogs, I have shown no recognition of them at all... so here they are:

My mom - She has been relating different stories from her life... and if you have ever heard my mom tell a story, she is amazingly funny and the fact that she grew up in Wisconsin on a dairy farm should be enough reason to listen to her. She is witty, entertaining, relational, and so funny... check her out.

My dad - he is an incredible muscian and song writer. he also has survived over 20 years of Ministry and he's awesome at it... He has supported our family for those 20 years doing full-time ministry. He is wise, clever, eloquent, and artistic... check him out too.

Those are my parents for you. I could spend more of this blog writing about and relating who they are and what they mean to me... but for right now, I'll let them do that for me... visit their blogs.

Other blogs to check out: Amy Teegan Schubert, and Aaron Kiva Mertz... don't ask why I put their middle names... I just think they are both cool names.


Amy Schubert said...

um ... Schubert?

Amy Schubert said...

oh, I have a ton of book suggestions for you, ... I always do.

NanAZ said...

O.k. I'm sitting here checking out my blogging friends on my LUNCH HOUR!!!! I'm just so jealous and envious that you guys have so much free time to be doing this all day long! When do I get to retire so I can blog my life away?