Saturday, August 19, 2006

My kids...

I had the afternoon to putz around the house... so I decided to clean out the bathroom cabinet that I share with my brother Tyler... I organized it and discovered that Tyler has 6 sticks of deoderant... all different brands. I don't know why a boy would need 6 sticks, but there they are.

I have now put on a movie and have moved my computer to the scrapbook table I have set up and I am scrapping... and now blogging about scrapping. I put the finishing touches on the pages I did about the kids I nanny for... Simon and Adelen (Addy).

Simon is 5 years old and finished his first 2 weeks of Kindergarten. He is the sweetest little boy. What a personality too. He reminds me of the little boy from the movie love actually. Everything is said so dramatically and the things that come out of his mouth are endlessly entertaining. He loves any kind of truck, especially monster trucks and he also loves bugs... in the pictures he is combining the 2 by digging for bugs in my mom's front garden with dump trucks. I enjoy hours of pretend and imaginative games with him. We will find bugs in his yard and name them and create homes for them complete with wall art originals by Simon himself. yesterday he was a snake that could talk to Addy and I, as well as chase us around the front room.

Adelen is 2 years old and hilariously funny. She recently met my puppy Koda and now drives everyone crazy walking around saying "Koda, Koda, Koda, Koda..." She is so cute and enjoys nothing more than to take my purse, shoes, and cell phone upon my arrival at her house and spend the rest of the day walking around talking on the phone (most of the time it is Koda)and rattling off nearly decripherable sentences about everything and anything. She loves Max Lucado videos about Hermie the caterpillar and the Wiggles (they creep me out) and her favorite song by far is the "doggie song" (medley of "how much is that doggie in the window" and "O where, o where has my little dog gone"). She also like songs I will make up about Koda and her and their many adventures. She is sweet and so smart.

Watching them is the funnest job I have ever had.

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