Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Never fear... APPLES rock! Book lists do not...

I feel like you have all been waiting with bated breath... but never fear Macs always pull through in the end... I think the little guy (which I have yet to name... yes, I name all things!) had a big day yesterday with installations and memory convertion and all types of computer doodads, that is just didn't want to turn on this morning... but I poked here, and prodded there and now he is working just fine. Thanks for all the prayers and support thru my difficult time... hehe

Onto less trivial blogging subjects:
I am teaching two classes today... (~apathetic yay~).
Did I mention I am a massage instructor at the Arizona School of Massage Therapy. I teach Structural Bodywork (similar to rolfing, if you've heard of that) - it works to adjust structual imbalances in the body, also Reflexology (the feet), Movement (corrects movement patterns, ie walking, standing, etc), and Professional Development (I basically encourage the students that they can be massage therapists and help them with how, ie resumes, interviews, book keeping, inspiration, etc). I really am enjoying it and it has been one of my goals since graduating to get this job... it happened rather fast I must say... gosh I am only 21! But it is a real grown up job!

So, I am a read-aholic, just so you know... but right now I am in a slump. I love books, but I am currently hashing my way through two books ("Ivanhoe" and "Walk to Moons"), but to no avail. I am just not motivated to pick either of them up... but I have a whole book list to get through... recomendations from friends... and so I need to get through these to move on. You know what I would really love to read?... Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire or Lord of the Rings the fellowship of the ring... but I shouldn't because it will be the 3rd time reading Harry Potter 4 and the 2nd time reading LOTR. But, as I look at the books of my shelf I get excited about reading them... and maybe they would help re-ignite my reading frenzie, and then I could get back to Ivanhoe and Walk two Moons. But maybe I should just suck it up and read them... thoughts? Comments?

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Wolfman said...

You neglected to mention your father's input into getting it running, but I'm fine. I mean it Iam. No apologies are needed. I don't need recognition or anything. Seriously, just let it go!