Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Enjoying a day off of work...

Okay... so it isn't a full day - I have to work tonight, but I have had this whole day to myself, to do as I will. I enjoyed a morning of Princess Diaries 2 on TV... it was on the WAM station (ch 139). Then I stumbled upon a Roswell marathon on the Si Fi channel. I have been thinking about it for the few days, since Shawn (my brother) mentioned it on his blog. Now I got to catch a few episodes!

I watch 1 1/2 episodes before I went out to lunch with my friends Jenna and Chris... Jenna is in town for the weekend before she heads back to school. so I enjoyed time with them. Here is a picture of Jenna, Chris and I from two years ago:

It is always so much fun when I spend time with them. We use to have a family game night every so often, but now that we are all older and spread out around the country, it is harder to schedule with them. But they are a blast when we do have them. I am going to have to plan one here soon. We usually play board games (ie Cranium, Wizard of Oz Monopoly, Scategories, or Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit)... but it really is just an opportunity for a bunch of us to get together and stay in touch. I recomend everyone to have a group of friends to play board games with... it is awesome!

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Amy Schubert said...

what?? you haven't yet introduced them to Apples to Apples?