Sunday, August 13, 2006

Edi is falling apart...

Edi is my car (turqoise dodge shadow... yeah they don't make those anymore)... I recently replaced the radiator, in the past I replaced the computer, and now the air conditioning has decided to fail me! He is a good car... but he is dieing and I am merely keeping him on life support till I decide to buy a new car.

I went to church this morning and then came home... and now I am sitting at my computer with an entire day ahead of me, with nary a plan in store for the day... that is what stinks about living in Tempe when all your friends live in Phoenix: a half hour drive and 25 miles of gas and no air conditioning away. In about 5 months I am hoping to live out in Phoenix, close to my friends and church and then, hopefully, my social life will pick up!

I went to a baby shower yesterday for a friend from high school... I got to see a lot of people from high school that I hadn't seen in a while, and a number of them are also pregnant or had just had their baby... it was super crazy to see people my age starting families and raising kids... it made me feel old. Holly is due next month and she is a super cute pregnant lady... I hope I am that cute when I am 8 months pregnant. I seem to be surrounded by marriage and babies and everything, and at the moment I am in in life, I feel excited that I am single and not tied down... I have plans to travel and go back to college, and I have this great Massage career starting... As much as I would love to be in love and a mother... all that can wait. I have too many adventures to go on... too many dreams to fulfill...

This picture is an example of the millennia old problem - "like mother, like daughter"... my mom and I... enjoy


Amy Schubert said...

you should be excited to be single and not tied down ... stupid Andrew ...

nice pics on your blog by the way ... do you have a personal photographer, or something?

linda t said...

Whaaa... I want my own blog!
Shawn has a blog!
Miranda has a blog!
Tyler has a blog!
Someone help me with my blog!!
Your Mom needs HELP!!

linda t said...

And yes, that is me in the pic... the blogless one!

NanAZ said...

Great job Miranda! Looking forward to seeing much more.

Linda, I'll help you with your
blog if the kids won't. Let's set a date.