Friday, August 18, 2006

movie night...

I had one of those nights where I wanted nothing better than to curl up on the couch, ice my nearly broken toe big toe (a table fell on it), and turn on a mindless entertaining movie, and relax. I have had a full day of nannying and a massage client. So I was ready to unwind, but instead I spent a good hour wandering around my house (ice strapped to the toes, mind you) with Tyler searching for a movie to watch. I swear we have over 100 movies in our home (we are a movie family... it is how we all choose to unwind), and yet I couldn't pick a movie... we even stuck in the Patriot, thinking we had finally found the right movie... and within 3 minutes we were bored... also because Mel Gibson freaks me out, and now I find it hard to watch movies with him - it's the Tom Cruise syndrome. Do you all ever have those times when you just CANNOT decide something... I even came up with finalist movies only to throw them back on the shelf because I just couldn't make a decision... I hate those times... I usually give up long before I make a decision... or I waste time and by the time I make the decision it is too late and I have no time to follow through.... AHH.

So Tyler, after laughing his head off at me and my frustration and broken toe, and the fact that I was home alone on a Friday night with no plans, he finally gave up and retreated to his room to await his friend to pick him up to go bowling. Which left me to fend for myself with cable television. I watched part of a made for TV movie starring Mark Paul Gosselaar, part of a biography on Joan Crawford... sad woman, and Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan on the Disney Channel. ugh... please don't judge me for my lame existance.

I am off to bed, looking forward to tomorrow when I do actually have plans.
My toe really hurts... even when it doesn't move it throbs.

P.S. My iPod is fried... the Mac Geniuses at the Apple store frowned at me and told me I have to buy a new one... in a couple paychecks I will have enough to buy a refurbished one possibly... but until then... no music in the car for me.

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Amy Schubert said...

that's what Harry Potter and LOTR are for ... -- comfort movies when you just can't decide on anythinge else ... (or Back to the Future, or That Thing you Do, or Little Women -- comfort movies)