Sunday, February 11, 2007

yay me!

I stopped by the apartments today to see how my application process was coming along, and if I was in the running. I ran into Jack (the manager) on his way to his car and introduced myself again and asked if there was a place for me... he said that it is mine as long as I am still interested. The former resident moved out this past monday and he said hopefully he will be able to get in a repaint soon. He said he is still aiming for a March 1st move in date... YAY!!! I told him to give me a call when everything settles down... and then we parted ways.

I can't believe it... I was preparing for march, but since no one had called me, I figured it may not happen. I am still not packing anything until I have a contract signed... I just can't bring myself to do it. Wow... I mean wow! I will be moving... exciting... and emotional... jeepers (don't cry mom).

In other news I saw The Queen this afternoon... it was really good. All the actors were wonderful. The guy who played Prince Charles was mis-cast, but Helen Mirren was impecable as Queen Elizabeth and Michael Sheen as Tony Blair. It was really strange to be reliving the week after Princess Diana died... I remembered so much - I was in 6th grade when it happened. I got really sad to see all the archive footage. The whole movie was really well done... totally oscar worthy. I loved it.

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Kevun said...

congrats, how many rooms? what are you gonna fill it all with?