Saturday, February 24, 2007

Last night I dreamt I got to tap dance with Gene Kelly... and then we fell in love... it was a sweet old hollywood musical dream. I like those.

So I went to my church's 24/7 prayer event... it was really cool. Not all of the booths set up up really tugged at my heart, but a couple of them really spoke to me. I journaled and cried a little bit (I always do that when I really feel God)... but I spent a ton of time at this collage table... the object was you could either flip through magazines and seek out pictures to represent something that was on your heart, or you could just flip through and cut out anything that caught your eye - pictures, words, etc then see what God want to say to you. I did the latter. It didn't seem to have any rhyme or reason, but when I was done I layed out everything I had collected and was so surprised at how God was touching my heart... really speaking to who I was. It was awesome... so I wanted to share my collage with you.

It also gave me ideas for scrapping.


ATS said...

yes, apparently you need to go to Disneyland ... I think it's safe to say God is always leading you to Disneyland ... :)

Aaron said...

Listen to the prophetess above. And perhaps you might extend the D-land calling to a one for travel in general. I think it's time, Miranda, for you to do some wandering. This continent, that one...whatever you please.