Friday, February 16, 2007

Woke up this morning with a raging crick in my neck... I slept wrong, and I hate that.

Went to work today and was able to get some neck work done by a student who came in for a study session! when i got done it was about 11am (I was planning to work till 1pm) and my boss told me that if no more students were coming into see me that I could go and enjoy my long weekend... SCORE!!!! So my friend Marie and I left early from work to get some Olive Garden for lunch, she had a gift certificate. I now have some great left overs for the weekend!

Mom and Tyler and I just got back from Ikea! Tyler wanted some chocolate bars and I wanted to take a gander at the "As is" section and low and behold a treasure was to be found... a book shelf! I needed one for my photo albums and books and everything...

Isn't it awesome... great thing to is that it fits my scrapbooks and my oversized year books... perfect! The bottom drawers are actually from Target and they also fit like a glove! It will act as book shelf, regular shelf, and anything else I need it for. I am excited... although still no word from Jack about the status of my apartment.

I have been thinking and I am actually hoping things get delayed a little bit, because between Disneyland trip and New York trip, I will have little time to properly move in... so I am hoping I can get the keys closer to the 15th (and pay half months rent) and then actually move my stuff in after New York... that way I get quality move in time, and I am not rushed. So cross your fingers for that.


linda t said...

Such a deal!!
Such a great bookshelf!!
You scored!!!

Nicole T said...

awesome books and etc shelf! Don't forget Jack won't call you, you call him. He really isn't as into "dates" and "times" and "accuracy" like say someone who is trying to schedule their life around a move in. So call him. He doesn't mean not to call, its just...well...he is busy painting and flashing his gun.