Monday, February 26, 2007

Apartment update

Jack called (a miracle) and told me the guy who is supposed to be cleaning up the bathroom has been giving him the runaround all week. He said that it'll probably be cleaned in the next couple of days, but even then it'll smell for a few days after that. I told him not to worry and that I am out of town this weekend anyway so he doesn't have to stress and I'll give him a call at the beginning of next week... he liked that idea a lot and told me to keep in touch. I am sure it is a great relief for him to not be stressing about me needing to get in there, and I am relieved to have a little more time to pack (which is a slow going process without boxes - did you know they cost $2 each at Home Depot... I didn't buy them and went to a grocery store instead, but even they didn't have a lot of boxes for me).

Disneyland is in just three days! YAY! My dad is there currently with the staff of our church probably having the time of him life! Kendra and I talked today about what we'll bring into the park and how we'll probably get a locker so we don't have to carry around sweatshirts and the like all day long. We also need to decide on snacks and stuff.

I am kind of nervous about driving there... I'm a good driver though... so it shouldn't be a big problem.

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Amy said...

have you cried yet? are you taking pics to scrap moving out?