Monday, February 05, 2007

At home watching TV... It is rare when I get to watch a TV show in real time... with the 4 TV shows that I watch I usually have to tape or watch them online. But tonight I got to watch Heroes... AWESOME!!! Now in style celebrity weddings is on... so pretty!

So this whole guide book collection is starting out well... I bought one on ebay (it was only $6)... it was the 1987 edition (which was the year of my first trip to the park... that trip is also my very first vivid memories - most notably meeting Cinderella)... now I am waiting on the 1956 edition (the bidding ends in 4 days or so) which is the very first guide that came out... the bidding is getting pretty high though. After that I am done for the time being

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ATS said...

That's a fun collection ... can't wait to see them .